Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Drive-In Movies Make a Comeback

It's turning into pop culture Tuesday here at the compound. I just ran across this story about drive-in theaters. While there's nothing like the 4,000+ drive-ins that there were in the 1950's, the good news is that 20 new theaters have opened in the past year.

Did you know there's an association of drive-in theater owners? You can visit the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Assocation website and find a drive-in near you.


Kate said...

There are a couple near us we know about. I forget why we never go.

Probably because the movies always suck.

Bubs said...

I noticed the one in Maquoketa. The last two drive ins near us are both gone now--the Wheeling drive in near Palwaukee airport and another one out near Aurora. My high school haunts back east are gone now as well.