Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hey! Someone likes us!

Hey, dig this: the compound got mentioned on another blog. And not one belonging to another family member, either!

Melinda June, who certainly seems like a bright and discerning blogger, saw fit to mention us:

My site meter lead me to a new site that had become a regular favourite. Tom Waits fans, eye for goofy news stories, silly Jesus pics, and a youtube shout out to Andy Kaufman. Them's my kind of folks.
The attention whore in me is doing a jig.


Kate said...

I'm impressed!

Melinda June said...

thanks for the link back. I'll keep rallying my millions of fan to check in, unless you don't like the press.

Bubs said...

Oh I like the press. The idea that people I've never met can hear me spout off makes me drunk with power. Or just drunk.

Katy said...

just checking out why Melinda keeps mentioning you in her posts.