Friday, September 08, 2006

Ah, baby, I'm so tired

It's something when you're supposed to be working nights, and you're still getting up at 5:45 or 6 in the morning. In a few minutes I'll be leaving to drive downtown, looking snappy in my dark suit, to put in 4 hours of private security work as the shopping center trade show closes. Then it's back to work from 1-9:30pm. It's a blessing that I can adjust my hours so I can start and come home early.

My two fellow supervisors are both away working on a murder task force, so I have a good amount of administrative busywork to do this afternoon. I had a job dumped in my lap, organizing an honor guard presentation for 9/11; nice job since we don't yet have our own flags/poles or blank-firing M-1 rifles. I have the next 2 days to scrounge up some rifles from the local VFW or American Legion. The number of rifles I can get (if any) will determine the number of people I need and the manner of the presentation, and I scheduled two short training sessions Saturday and Sunday afternoon. So, I'm supposed to be working nights, my body is telling me I'm working nights, my head is throbbing and my stomache hurts. But I'm working days.

I can't wait till Tuesday. Sleep.


katy said...

sorry i hope you get some sleep very soon.

Bubs said...

Thank you! I'm feeling better now after some food and coffee.

By the way, I'm not able to comment on your blog. I was going to compliment you on how well you guys cleaned up after Ernesto.

lulu said...

You need guns? I work with gang kids, I can get you guns. ;-)

Bubs said...

Heh. I need guns without the serial numbers scratched off. And the ones from my personal stockpile won't do--no one wants to see an honor guard firing a salute with a motley collection of shotguns and cheap AK-47 knockoffs.

Thanks for the thought, though