Friday, October 06, 2006

Election Day is almost here

Keep this picture in mind when you head to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th. A political hack, a liar and an online predator:

Mike "you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie" Brown, FEMA director during Hurricane Katrina,

President Bush,

and disgraced Republican Congressman and cybersex enthusiast Mark Foley.

This is an Associated Press file photo from 2004, when this trio was visiting Punta Gorda in the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie.


Beth said...

I bet that sleazy freak Foley was dreaming of a Punta Gorda, too. I feel dirty whenever I read about him.

Anonymous said...

speaking of FEMA we came across a sign while on vacation posted on the entrance to s strip mall FEMA trailers keep out.

Bubs said...

Katy, where were you vacationing that you saw the FEMA trailer sign?

Beth, I know exactly what you mean about feeling dirty even reading about Foley's antics. There's something so awful creepy about a 50-something guy acting like a horny teen, around teens. Ugh.