Friday, October 06, 2006

Good morning. Let's get busy and waste some time

My eldest just told me about a nifty little device that she's installed on our browser. It's called the StumbleUpon button, and it's available if you use Firefox as your browser. You can set it with different keywords or interests, and it allows you to "stumble" onto various random sites. I like the setting under "Society" labeled "bizarre/oddities." If you're on a page that you enjoy, and you hit the Stumble Upon button, it bounces you to a similar page.

I found a tee shirt bearing an image of a weird monkey-baby wearing a fez.

I found a fun game you can play with refrigerator magnets.

My favorite so far is Mr. Picassohead. Create your own masterpiece in the style of Picasso! You can see my new masterpiece, "Sad Elvis" by clicking this link.


Melinda June said...

this is the best thing EVER.

Melinda June said...

One of the guys on my learning team has the monkey-fez tshirt.

Bubs said...

He is obviously a man of sophisticated and discerning taste. Or not.

I love that StumbleUpon button. It's fun.