Monday, October 09, 2006

Finding the compound

I've seen Dale and Lulu write entertainingly about how people find their blogs. It sent me searching through Site Meter to see who was stumbling into the compound, and why. I was somewhat disappointed that, in spite of my best efforts to provide a cavalcade of freakery, the searches revealed by the Site Meter were pretty mundane:

"shadow of the bear" payton

KISS Tribute

sprawling ramshackle compound (which is nearly as likely to send you to Cup of Coffey, Passion of the Dale or the Armed Forces Journal)



This last search surprised me. I wrote about a goofy performance art piece (featuring a naked Kira O'Reilly cradling a dead pig for several hours) back on September 1st. Since then Kira must have gotten some coverage, because I got a few Canadians and Germans googling "Intthewrongplaceness."

robert friedlander, U of Miami employee

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