Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Random Ten: October 20

It's that time again. Thanks to Dale for turning me on to this little diversion. You can also check out the results, and post your own lists, at American Idle. Without further ado, here's today's playlist:

1) Hog Maw Stomp – Fats Waller

2) Babalu – Ima Sumac

3) All the Way Down – Voltaire

4) Rush and a push and the land is ours – The Smiths

5) Son of a Gun – Nirvana

6) Nine While Nine – Sisters of Mercy

7) Victoria’s Escape – Corpse Bride soundtrack

8) I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Everyday – The Pogues

9) Please Don’t Tease – The Donnas

10) 100 Ways – Rob Zombie


Beth said...

May I borrow your iPod? I like your random.

Dale said...

Great list Bubs, love em all! I was listening to Yma Sumac earlier which is curious but fitting.

Bubs said...

My family can't STAND Yma Sumac. I get a kick out of her, in small doses. She's on a couple of Ultra-Lounge compilations I've got.

She was on the other night when my mom was over for dinner; she remembered Yma as some exotic latin singer and was surprised when I said her real name was Amy Camus and she was some kid from NY or something.

I must say, the last couple of random 10's have been pretty coherent. I'm waiting for it to come undone.

Bubs said...

Oh, BTW Beth, everything on that list other than the Pogues and Yma Sumac was put in by my daughters.

Dale said...

I salute your daughters and their fine musical taste which somehow they got from you right? Ms. Sumac is indeed best handled in small doses.

Tenacious S said...

Rock on with their bad selves! Cool girls!

Beth said...

You've raised them well, Bubs.

Bubs said...

They've raised ME well. We just got done watching some stupid splatter movie, and now it's time for bed. They're good girls.

Billdoze said...

You cannot have too much Yma Sumac IMHO.
She was married to her arranger/conductor Les Baxter who is at the top of the Lounge heap along with Martin Denny.
Personally I prefer Yma's extreme vocal sensibility to a pure laid back lounge instrumental.

If you want to see something Truly Amazing, check out Baxter's credits as a soundtrack composer:
You cannot get better than this-- horror movies, women's prison flicks and a gem called "Mondo Sadismo"

Bubs said...

I love Les Baxter! I had no idea he was married to Yma Sumac. Wow. Thanks for the tip on the movie soundtracks.