Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Random Ten: October 27

It's that time of the week again. On your marks, get set...shuffle:

1) Astro Zombie – The Misfits

2) Hold the Fort – IWW Rebel Voices

3) Bukowski – Modest Mouse

4) I’d Tell You But – Anti Flag

5) Temple of Love – Sisters of Mercy

6) It Coulda Been Me – Social Distortion

7) Grand Coulee Dam – Woody Guthrie

8) Autonomy – The Buzzcocks

9) Fall of Because – Killing Joke

10) Poison Pen – Bauhaus

Post your list on American Idle and see what the rest of the hep world is doing on a Friday morning.


Tenacious S said...

Holy crap! Can I borrow your iPod? I LOVE that list. No really. That is most awesome. Misfits, Buzzcocks, Killing Joke......I wish I had those tunes in mine! Alas, much of what I own is still on vinyl. I am a dinosaur, but at least I am a dinosaur with a turntable.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey-- that's a weird little synchronicity-- my post today mentioned the IWW. I think I have that one on my ipod too. I ripped it from a cd of Wob songs at the Sulzer.

Anonymous said...

love 5 and 10 don't know the rest.

Beth said...

Brilliant list. Need to go queue up "Temple of Love" and Buzzcocks; my player's been in an R&B mood today ...

Bubs said...

Thank you all. Here's the deal with our music: while a lot of it is stuff we listened to 20+ years ago, it's our kids that downloaded it into the puter. If it weren't for them I'd be listening to the same handful of Velvet Underground, Tom Waits and Hank Williams CDS over and over and over.

I refuse to buy an iPod because I think they contribute to the breakdown of our society. I do like downloading and burning CD's on iTunes though.

Bubs said...

OH, btw Ten, our eldest is the envy of her friends because she has MizBubs' old turntable. What an exotic piece of technology, huh?