Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Random Ten

I just heard about this over at Passion of the Dale and it sounded kinda neat. You can also find links at Just A Cool Cat, Splink, Bliss and Bile , My head is a box filled with nothing, Heavy Lift With Caution , and American Idle.

The idea is to set whatever music player you use to random, and list the first ten tracks. Here's mine:

1) Float On- Modest Mouse
2) Just Can't Get Enough- Nouvelle Vague
3) Peepin' Eyes- Charlie Feathers
4) Diddle My Skittle- Peaches
5) Money- The Flying Lizards
6) Nobody's Guy- The Recalls
7) Straight A's- The Dead Kennedys
8) Get Hot or Go Home- John Kerby
9) True Faith- New Order
10)Lucky & Wild- Josie Kreuzer

I can't take credit for Modest Mouse or Peaches, that's youngest and eldest daughter, respectively. And while I like New Order and love the DK's, it was eldest who loaded those into i-tunes.


Melinda June said...

Okay, that;s a pretty bitchin' playlist.

Bubs said...

Thanks! I was really impressed with the other lists I saw at American Idle.

Every day I'm grateful that I like my kids' music, and they like mine. My eldest daughter's taste goes a little more techno than I would normally listen to, but it's still good. My youngest has a fondness for Tim Burton movie soundtracks and more pop than I'd normally listen to. I like rockabillly and exotica more than they do, but fortunatlely none of us listens to stuff that makes the others yell TURN OFF THAT NOISE.

lulu said...

I posted my right under yours at American Idol.

Bubs said...

I just saw that Lulu. Nice list--I've never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel or Deerhoof, can you tell me what they're like?

And you have to love any list that has Tones On Tail and Django Reinhardt.

lulu said...

NMH is one of my favorite bands. Out of Athans GA like so many other great bands. Quirky, Beautiful and Haunting. Listen to In The Aeroplane Over the Sea and tell me what you think.

Deerhoof is a band a couple of the guys I work with are really into. Not sure how to describe exactly, experimental for sure. They can be really catchy and poppy, or pure noise. I like them, but don't love them, but people who love them are really obssessive about them.

Melinda June said...

I'm a NMH endorser, as well. Brilliant, they are.