Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Random Ten, November 17

Here it is, in all its useless glory:

Ain’t Got No Home – Carl Mann

The Black Angel’s Death Song – Velvet Underground

Doctor Finklestein/In the Forest – Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Lonesome Town – Cramps

Down in the Bottom – Howlin Wolf

Lucky & Wild – Josie Kreuzer

Danny Boy – Johnny Cash

I Fought Pirhanas – White Stripes

Anasthasia – The Bill Smith Combo

Stop Breaking Down – White Stripes

Guess I'll have to go post this on American Idle now. Well, as soon as they're awake anyway.

Damn you, Dale, for ever giving me this idea.


Beth said...

I want the Nightmare Before Christmas OST!!!

Anonymous said...

Our itunes must be consulting with one another-- I've had Cash and the Velvets come up on shuffle lately.

Dale said...

Don't blame me too much, look at your list. Johnny Cash, White Stripes, The Cramps, Howlin' Wolf and yet more!! You're brilliant.

Bubs said...

Beth, my youngest just went to see the 3D version currently in the theaters--she had never seen it on the big screen. Loved it. I need to see it again.

Johnny, isn't it interesting how the "random" shuffle, at times, isn't really so random at all?

Dale. I know you are, but what am I?