Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Hanksgiving

Happy Hanksgiving everyone.

I got what I think is the best holiday email card ever from my good friend Hank. He's hosting his Hanksgiving celebration today out in tornado alley. We can't be there, because we're having an early Thanksgiving dinner here for some of MizBubs' wide-ranging extended family.

Yes, the unregulated propane flame is blasting away under the turkey fryer, heating the oil. In a few minutes I'll have to go outside and monitor it constantly, once it gets hotter. It's 2:00 pm and the drinking light is on. Time to put on sturdy boots and an extra flannel shirt, then head out to the back yard.


Have a great weekend everybody!


Dystopia said...

You looked incredibly manly.

lulu said...

I didn't read about a huge fire out in Mt Plastic, so I am assuming that operation turkey fryer was a success.

Dale said...

Are you sure old Hank done it this way?

Bubs said...

I think old Hank had more pain pills.

Kate said...

I posted it too.

I love Hank.