Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10: Friday Random Ten, Pre-Dawn Edition

See, if you stay up late enough, and drink a few Effen Sexy cocktails, you can (if you work at it hard enough) convince yourself that you're actually an early bird, getting things done. Getting important things done, that is, and early. You're not just some sleep-deprived crank who works nights and spends too much time on the computer.

And, as you post this week's random shuffle choices, you'll feel the same satisfaction as if you'd gotten up early and run 6 miles. Or milked the cows, or whatever. Last week the Mad Seamstress and I sorted our music so that this week's list more accurately reflects what I'm likely to be listening to as I stew in my juices:

London is the Place For Me – Lord Beginner

A La Carte – James Holloway

Hang Me In A Bottle – Tom Waits (Alice Original Demos)

Railroad Blues – Woody Guthrie

Mean Mean Woman – The Rockers

Banzai Washout – Dick Dale

Howlin’ For My Baby – Howlin Wolf

Call of the Wighat – The Cramps

Nobody But My Baby – Fats Waller

I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash


Johnny Yen said...

Nice list! Especially like the Johnny Cash.

When I was in school, the crowd I ran with would put Johnny Cash on-- it would drive out the people we didn't want there, and draw the people we did.

In the household I mention in my blog post today, with two of my college buddies, we came to the shocking realization that it was probably the only house in the world that had three, count 'em copies each of the following three albums:

Johnny Clash-Live at San Quentin
Velvet Underground (banana album)
The Clash- Sandinista

It was a rockin' house.

Have you ever seen "Back to the Beach?" There's a scene in a club where Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughn are duetting to the instrumental classic "Pipeline." That alone is worth the price of the movie. A bonus is Peewee Herman doing "Surfin' Bird."

Bubs said...

Oh yeah, I remember that. The only thing was, for some reason, I just really hated that movie when I saw it. I should have liked it, but it just bugged me. I should give it another try now, 20 years later, I guess.

It's nice to experience the duplicate album phenomenon isn't it?

lulu said...

I like Johnny's little typo there.... Johnny Clash would be a great band!

Johnny Yen said...

Oh my-- they would, wouldn't they?

Beth said...

Wonderfully random! I love everything you listened to.

justacoolcat said...

Great list.

Dale said...

You're still really effen cool even after the sorting out. Nice list.

Anonymous said...

This is effen A-list Party !

Anonymous said...

This is effen A-list Party !