Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now it's squirrels

I've fallen down on the job.

Between Halloween and the recent elections, I've failed in performing one of the most important tasks here at the Compound: namely, warning you all of the rising wave of animal attacks. I aim to make up for lost time.

First it was alligators, then a variety of animals including monkeys and bears. And emus.

Now it's squirrels.

It's a good thing I've got two scrappy terriers to keep those furry little nut-eating bastards away from the compound. Hopefully the dogs stay loyal.


Johnny Yen said...

Let's not forget poor Steve Irwin, who died with his flippers on.

I heard that Bill Maher had a Steve Irwin costume, complete with Stingray stinger in his chest. He was ripped for bad taste-- it struck me that Steve would have found it very funny.

Beth said...

I hate those furry little rodent bastards.

And, Johnny Yen, I think Steve Irwin would have loved the Maher joke, too.

Dale said...

It may have been a bit soon, I saw the photo of Bill in his costume and it was a little crass.

Try this on. Bear with me, it relates to the original post. The follow up if you liked that is this one.