Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Huh? Huh.

I almost wish I were at work. Christmas left me so happily dazed, distracted and exhausted that I can't really get much done today, and it seems like a waste of a day off. MizBubs had to return to work at the libary today, Hannah is curled up with her new copy of American Sideshow, and Nora is watching her new collector's edition DVD of Pulp Fiction. John Travolta is driving overdosed Uma Thurman to Eric Stoltz' house for a shot in the sternum. Good times.

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Here's to a pointless week of lowered productivity in anticipation of New Year's Eve!


lulu said...

I love all the vintage pin-ups you've been posting.

Glad you're having a lazy holiday. I am in AH, probably about 4 blocks from you, napping, reading, killing gnomes.....just lovely.

Tenacious S said...

Oooo, Sweetness would love the American Sideshow book! She has threatened several times recently to run off and join the circus. I have been doing nothing, nothing and nothing. The more nothing you do, the easier it becomes. I think I like nothing.