Saturday, December 09, 2006

Santa loves the little children

Santa seems especially interested in the oldest girl on the right.

These photos came from the Scared of Santa Gallery. Go check it out -- more than 65 photos of little ones in varying states of Santa-induced distress.


Melinda June said...

The Scared of Santa Gallery is my favourite thing now. I had to put my computer aside and walk around, I was laughing so hard.

Bubs said...

Don't you love it? A cornucopia of holiday discomfort and terror.

I have a collection of Christmas-themed pornographic Polaroid photos from the early 70's around somewhere, but I probably shouldn't post them.

lulu said...

but you MUST post them!!!!!! maybe you could put them on a different page and link to them so that people didn't get an eyeful of XXXmas when they opened your page?

Dale said...

If Lulu says you must, you must Bubs! You know you want to.

I'm off to spend time scared with Santy.

Bubs said...

Your comments are duly noted.

I'm trying to find a photo hosting site where I can put nude photos. These really are rather tame, but I think they might get me kicked off photobucket, so I need to look elsewhere.