Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hot Dog

I have got to train my dogs to do this:


Dino aka Katy said...

damn they were lucky noone got hurt

Danny Tagalog said...

Oh fuck 0h fuck what idiots but why can't I stop laughing!!

jin said...

OMG that is SOOO FUNNY!!!

I was only going to read my feeds tonight, no commenting, but I HAD to log in for a comment on this post!!!

GREAT find! :-D

Johnny Yen said...

Now we know how all those forest fires are being set out West.

Kate said...

Steve's SEEN a dog do that!! I can't remember if it was theirs, his uncle's or the Smiths.

Bubs said...

Kate, I must have the details.

JY, yes, it's either that or rengegade boy scouts or disgruntled forest service employees. Take your pick.

Jin, thank you. You're very gracious.

Danny, it's funny until the dog shoots someone's eye out with a rocket.

Katy, luck had nothing to do with it. That was pure redneck dog-wrangling SKILL. Many non-native Americans mistake it for dumb luck, but we know better.

For the record, my dogs have yet to grab a firework, lit or unlit, and in all these years only one person has ever been hit by a rocket at the compound. That was my brother, and he wasn't injured. His pants leg caught fire, but we put it out with champagne.

Shirmp said...

When I was something like 8 or 9 my mortally-redneck uncle's German shepard grabbed a roman candle in similar fashion. I don't recall many details, but I have a clear freeze-frame image of my entire extended family doing a simultaneous bellyflop as a green ball shot into the trees above us.

That same dog almost drown while chasing beavers. They would flop on opposite sides of him, causing him to repeatedly swim in circles, until he finally got tired and went under. My uncle dove in and pulled him out.

That same uncle also shot his own foot with a .22. Beer was involved.

I am both ashamed and entertained.