Monday, January 08, 2007

La erotica del robot?

"Now there's more things in Tennessee
Than's dreamed of in your philosophy..."
-Lux Interior

This is what I like about the internet. While absent-mindedly clicking the "next blog>>" button I found a blog titled Fogonazos (which translates loosely as "flashes") and was greeted at the top of the page by a picture of a pert-looking gal from the 1950's hugging a robot. And the title of the post: La erotica del robot. This is precisely the kind of cultural diversity I can get behind, and it makes me wish I'd ever bothered to master another language, or even English. Fortunately, our god-kings at Google have a translation tool, and guess what? "The erotica of the robot" is pretty darn entertaining in badly-translated English:

"Just as the fetichismo of the feet exists or of lencerĂ­a French, certain type of people we experienced a morbosa sensation before the vision of a robot next to a young woman. One is not about an explicit desire of sex with robots - as in the case of the fetichismo of the robot - but inexplicable a sexual fantasy, produced by the frightful presence of the robot in front of the fragile bodies of the protagonists."

Wow. I always figured that Robby the Robot got a lot of action, but did you know the Daleks have actually appeared in a porno? But wait, I got even more of an education. I clicked on that "fetichismo of the robot" link and found out, courtesy of Wikipedia, that robot fetishism is closely related to statuephilia, also known as agalmatophilia or Pygmalionism: a sexual attraction to statues or dolls...or, bringing it back to an article I posted last week, mannequins.

And I thought I knew all the paraphilias. Whew.


Beth said...

You find the coolest stuff ...

Anonymous said...

"The Prohibited Planet." The translation is pretty funny.

aberron said...

Hi friends, thank you so much for your words, I'm glad you like the story about robots and girls. Maybe one day I will translate the text, though the Google Translation seems much more mysterious, indeed.

Greetings from Spain!

Nice blog.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Look at my dad.

He gets all the hot ladies. Even when he's doing DIY.


Curse you father!!

Bubs said...

Thank you, Beth. We are all about the "fetichismo" here at the Compound.

Aberron, howdy! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your site--I wish I read Spanish, even if the Google translation is fun. Thanks for the compliment.

Ultra, ask your dad if Anne Francis was as hot a spacewoman as I thought she was.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! At the daleks in a porno link I collapsed into laughter - couldn't continue! Will try tonight.


Mob said...

Dalek Porn!

Great links, my friend, ya gotta love this crazy interweb for stories like that.

Coaster Punchman said...

Wonderful use of the Google translation service. I've had many fun hours playing with that. One game I like to play is start with one phrase and then translate it back & forth until it becomes totally unintelligible. You know, like someone did with our President.