Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oops: Army sends recruiting letters to dead soldiers

According to this story in the Army Times, a letter sent to several thousand recently separated officers, encouraging them to return to service, also went to the addresses of 75 officers who've died. 250 injured officers also received the recruiting letters by accident.

The Army is mortified and says it's sorry.


Anonymous said...

"The mistake was as simple as someone pushing the wrong button,・said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty, who explained that as soon as the mistake was discovered, He immediately went into overdrive・to try to assess the depth of it."

Well, that's OK then.


'Went into overdrive' (!!!!). Is this a common phrase? Sounds odd to this Brit...

Anonymous said...

I am sure glad they tried to "assess the depth of it". Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubs said...

"went into overdrive" is the kind of military can-do jargon that gets used when you desperately want to convey the impression that you're expending near-superhuman effort to fix a problem or accomplish something.

Anonymous said...

Hey-- the dead have been voting here in Chicago for decades. Why not serve in the military too?

Overdrive was orignally an automotive term-- it referred to gearing that was over 1 to 1, for higher speeds (guess whose dad worked as an auto mechanic when he was young).

Mob said...

I remember the "Ask not what your country can do for you" spiel, but how much does the Army think we can do for our country?

I mean, damn, they're dead!

I'd expect that kinda can-do attitude from the Marines, but not the Army.