Friday, January 05, 2007

Random New Year

Check out what everyone else is shuffling over at American Idle.

Kiss—Tom Jones

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays—The Buzzcocks

The Young Savages—Martin Denny

Jungle Hop—The Cramps

Bridge Over Troubled Water—Johnny Cash

Man Smart (Woman Smarter)—Harry Belafonte

Close to You—The Carpenters

Drug Train—Social Distortion

Whistling in the Dark—They Might Be Giants

Why Did You Wander—Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys


Anonymous said...

That's really funny-- I was just discussing the Tom Jones song in a reply to a post. I think Art of Noise were his band for that one, weren't they? "Kiss" was on the jukebox at Danny's, on Damen and Dickens back when Danny owned it still.

Is the Social Distortion song a cover of the Cramps song of the same name?

My first wife, who was big into the old punk rock scene in Chicago, had a video of an early disasterous tour Mike Ness did (I think it was with an early version of Social Distortion). They bought an old school bus and drove it from Chicago to Los Angeles. The bus kept breaking down, and finally all the guys in the band had to call their families for money to take Greyhound home. It's pretty unintentionally hilarous.

Bubs said...

Good question...I can't remember the Cramps song, and I used to have that record. Uh oh. This is how it begins.

I remember sitting in Berlin on Belmont (we used to stop in there after school in the mid-80's) and seeing the video for Kiss for the first time. Let me tell you, we just saw Sir Jones perform it live in August, and it was even cooler.

Anonymous said...

Nice list and Tom's pretty damned cool. I'm going to look for the Bill Monroe song as a little bluegrass never hurt nobody. I want to close to you, drug train, too.

Anonymous said... close to you... You know what I meant.