Sunday, February 11, 2007

Canada is not Chicago

It may be cold, but Toronto is not Chicago.

I'm sitting here watching The Dresden Files with MizBubs for the first time, and I noticed that it's set in Chicago. But even before I saw all the pine trees in what was supposed to be "Jackson Park" I knew it was yet another "Chicago" feature shot in Toronto. How? Because the voice coming over the police radio sounded so f*cking Canadian, that's how. Trust me when I say it's a safe bet you'll never hear anyone connected with the Chicago Police Department saying "oot" or "aboot" instead of out or about.

Come on, Sci Fi channel. If you're going to shoot in Toronto, at least hire a few authentic Chicagoans to sprinkle the dialog with an occasional "over by", "bustout" or "jagoff."


Kate said...

I really adore the "charming regional accents" tag.

That's cute.

Johnny Yen said...

Don't forget about adding an "s" to everything, adding "or no" to everything. I.E. "Hey, I'm going to Jewels-- do you want me to get anything for you there, or no?"

It wasn't until I went to school downstate that I discovered I had "Chicagoisms" in my speech. I had no idea that only Chicago-area people refer to Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, etc. as "pop." When I worked in the food-service in a dorm and referred to "pop" my downstate co-workers had no idea what I was talking about, until someone realized I was referring to "soda." If you're from Chicago, soda is something some people mix with their scotch.

We also have "gangways," the passages between buildings.

John Cullerton, a north side state senator, does a very funny bit about "Chicagoisms." My son's mother, who worked for Cullerton and retired alderman Bernie Hanson, had some recordings he'd made at public gatherings that were very funny, and very on-the-mark about Chicago language quirks.

And BTW, Toronto's way to clean to stand in for Chicago.

Bubs said...

Kate, glad you liked it. We aim to please.

Johnny, that's right about the "s"--you can add Soldier's Field, Carson's, Marshall Field's...oh, and no one on the show said "frunch room" either.

Johnny Yen said...

LOL- some year's ago I was having a drink with my old friend Bob, who was not a Chicago native, and referred to "Soldiers Field." Bob pointed out to me that it's "Soldier Field," which I was completely unaware of.

Cullerton pointed out the "frunchroom" in his little comedy bits. That was another one I was unaware was a Chicagoism until I went away to college.

Dale said...

True story - I've never heard an actual Canadian say oot or aboot.

You know the musical Chicago was done here too right? Or is that what you were saying.

I have a slight regional accent myself coming from the Eastern part of Canada. The word part might sound a bit more like paaaaart if I let it.

Bubs said...

Dale, it wasn't literally "oot" or "aboot" it was just what I would identify as a Canadian accent coming over what purported to be a Chicago Police radio...By the way, where in Canada are you? Hopefully, someday, you'll visit here or we'll visit there and exchange charming regional accents in person.

lulu said...

Do people really say Frunchroom? I've never heard that one, although I have heard people discussing other people saying it. And isn't it "the Jewels"? Grant Miller says that on his blog and I can't figure out if he is joking or not.

"You wanna go with" is that I think of as the classic Chicago expression. When I went up to Minnesota for college I finally realized that no one else said that.

Bubs said...

I don't think I've ever heard a woman say "frunchroom" but I've heard it from a few guys, all between, say, 40-60 years old. The first time I heard it was from the same guy who called me (and lots of other people) "bubs" when he talked--a guy I used to work with.