Monday, February 12, 2007

News from Wisconsin

A truckload of cow intestines and digital music technology don't mix.

Just ask Ryan Engle, 25, of Kenosha, Wisconsin. He flipped a semi truck filled with 76,000 pounds of "beef byproduct" when he tried to adjust his MP3 player.

According to this story, the Wisconsin Dells tourist attraction The Wonder Spot is about to be bulldozed to build a road.

And, finally, the West Salem Coulee News proclaims the Man Bat of Briggs Road to be the weirdest story of 2006.

Remarkably, there's not a single story involving necrophilia or sex with animal carcasses.

On, Wisconsin!


Johnny Yen said...

I saw that story, and have some thoughts:

1. Where the hell were they headed with 76,000 pounds of cow intestines? The bologna factory?

2. Was he actually stupid enough to admit what he'd done? He was the only witness-- "A dog ran in front of my truck" or "I hit a patch of ice." Anything but "I was playing with my ipod." Duh.

3. He was charged with inattentive driving. They need to enforce that here in Chicago, having some kind of sweep for Lincoln Park Trixies yammering into the cell phone they have in one hand, juggling their cup of Starbuck's in the other, driving with what appendage?

Bubs said...

Johnny, no shit. I'm always amazed at people who actually ADMIT THAT THEY F*CKED UP. To the police. DUH.

I think those cow parts were destined for the Spam factory in Minnesota.

Trixies...sheesh. They piss me off.

lulu said...

I thought eveeryone had Trixies, evidently not. I made a comment about them to Megan and she had never heard of them. Trixies and Italian Beef, they're what make Chicago special.

Johnny Yen said...

Mmmmmm... Italian Beef.

When I worked construction, many years ago, i lived on Italian Beef. I sampled italian beef all over the Chicago area, and for some reason, the western suburbs seem to have the best.

Bubs said...

Try asking for an Italian Beef, or a beef sammich, anywhere else in the country--you'll get a blank stare. The closest I've found to the classic beef sammich is the roast beef po boy sammich in New Orleans. Ask for one with "debris" and it's kinda like getting your beef sammich dipped.