Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Random Ten: February 23

Twisting—They Might Be Giants

Femme Fatale—The Velvet Underground

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry—Johnny Cash

Death at the Bar—Kitty Wells

Settin' the Woods on Fire—Hank Williams

Honky Tonk Man—Johnny Horton

Saving All My Love For You—Tom Waits

We're Desperate—X

I Asked For Water—Howlin' Wolf

The Big Three Killed My Baby—White Stripes


Tenacious S said...

Velvet Underground, perfect day for listening to them. A little overcast, a chill in the air......

Beth said...

Ever heard R.E.M.'s cover of "Femme Fatale"? Not bad.

Johnny Yen said...

Twistin' gets kudos for having mention of the dB's, one of the great underappreciated bands of the eighties ("She doesn't have to have/Her dB's records back...")

More X, more X! Have you seen "The Unheard Music," the documentary about X? It finally came out on DVD a couple of years ago.

I've heard REM's cover of Femme Fatale, and its great.

Bubs said...

Johnny, I have not heard of Unheard Music. I'll look for it now. Off to Netflix...

I think Young Fresh Fellows get a mention in "Twisting" as well.

Beth, yes I have. I saw REM twice back in the early 80's, and both times they did VU covers, I think "There She Goes Again" and "Femme Fatale" were among them.

Ten, it's a perfect VU day, now that the cloud cover has come down.

Johnny Yen said...

They do indeed, Bubs.

Dale said...

Both versions of Femme Fatale are so nice to hear and my daddy would be happy to see Johnny Horton making the grade too. I'm going to have to look up the Kitty Wells though. Nice list Bubs.

Bubs said...

Thanks Dale! That Kitty Wells number is from a compilation record called "Juice Head Baby: Vintage Songs About Booze and Bars"

Dale said...

I'll look that up Bubs, thanks!

Meant to mention that I found a couple John Giorno songs that you'd mentioned some time ago...excellently twisted.