Thursday, February 22, 2007

You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need.

And what I need is a drink. A fruity tropical drink, swilled down with gusto, surrounded by tropical foliage and dazzling conversation. So I'm just twitchy with anticipation, waiting to head over to Tiki Terrace Friday night.

My first two days off have been almost entirely consumed by running errands (not mine, other people's) and I have a sense of having gotten nothing worthwhile done. I worked a cool side job today, escorting a few million dollars worth of jewelry for a TV appearance. Some of the jewelry had been worn by Scarlett Johannson, and some was bound for the Oscars this Sunday.

I'm sitting here talking with MizBubs. She's just figured out how to turn the heel of a sock she's knitting. I wish I had any ability to actually create something. MizBubs, and both of our daughters, know how to make stuff: jewelry, clothing, art. So, anyway, we're talking about going down to New Orleans and doing some building. And I'm ranting and bitching about work. Our eldest is getting ready for Fangoria Weekend of Horror in Rosemont this weekend; she's hanging out as a Tromette again.

Get me to the weekend. And get me some sleep.


Johnny Yen said...

Bubs-- have you ever considered that this blog is your creative outlet? You're thinking and writing are outstanding, and you've apparently raised a couple of wonderful kids.

And FWIW, your blog is the first one I click on every day. I need my dose of freaks, animal attacks, scary clowns, etc.

I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow evening!

Mob said...

The Tiki Terrace looks hilarious, I wish the wife and I had access to something that over the top here locally.


Have the eldest give a full report on the Fango Weekend, I'd be curious how it goes.

And I agree with Johnny, this is definitely a creative outlet for you, and it's a great read.

Kate said...

Man that sounds nice. Which we could make it. Bah.

lulu said...

I had been thinking about going down to New Orleans to do some work over Spring Break, but I heard a radio piece recently about the air quality and as someone with asthma and repeated lung infections, I feel like it would be a really really bad idea to willing subject my lungs to the miasma of toxins. I weonder what else I can do besides donate more money to Habitat for Humanity.

I am looking forward to seeing you and MizBubs again this evening.

Echo said...

Toxic Avenger!!

Bubs said...

Echo, my eldest has met Lloyd Kaufman a couple of times, and helped promote a sneak preview of "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead" with him. It was funny--Lloyd, when she pointed me out, asked "uh, has your dad actually seen any of our movies?" She replied that I had introduced her to their movies.

Lulu, it has improved, and as far as building goes you would probably be ok. The gutting, however, would've been a REAL bad idea. They had us sign a bunch of waivers, and it was pretty rough. We went through masks like crazy.

Kate, we miss you. I suggest you haul ass over here as soon as work lets out. If you get bored with us, you can go to Fangoria with Nora.

Mob, the Tiki Terrace is pretty awesome, it's run by three brothers who are all artists and Hawaiian dancers. They're looking for a new location right now, something bigger and in a better spot.

Johnny, check your email.

Dino aka Katy said...

what do you mean you dont create anything????? The blog??? After all every post is a short story.

anyhow that festival looks like so much fun I hope she takes lots of pictures I miss living up there. since it has all my favorite things, snow, ren fair, ozz fest, kick ass festivals ....

Echo said...

Bubs, I will post a story this weekend about my attempts to join Troma...

Tenacious S said...

See you tonight!

Bubs said...

Ten, looking forward to it!

Echo, excellent--I'll let my daughter know, she's thinking of applying for an internship with Troma.

Katy, I don't know how many pics she'll get, she's going to be working the Troma booth most of the time. BTW, what do you think of Ozz Fest being free this summer?