Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nerves of steel

In my opinion this next video bears repeated viewing. Sure, it's enjoyable enough the first time: what's not to enjoy about watching a grown man terrified by a reptile? Click on the video, watch it, and then read down.

Wasn't that fun? Now, watch it again, but consider these points:

1) Watch his hands. This man is so paralyzed with fear that, even though he thinks he's being attacked by a flying lizard, he can't even effectively move his hands to fight it off. Watch them flutter hilariously.

2) Listen to his voice. His vocal chords choke up and he can't even get words out, just odd gacking sounds like he's hocking up a hairball. That is, until he lets out with "what the f*ck" as he goes down.

3) Watch how his legs lock up and he loses his balance, pitching sideways. Reminds me of those bits John Belushi used to do on SNL, the ones where he'd do a commentary on Weekend Update and become more and more hysterical, and eventually fall out of his chair.

It's a miracle he didn't pull that poor snake in half as he went over.


Danny Tagalog said...

Very good! He seemed quite alm then snapped. More of this laughing at other people's misfortune please!

Dino aka Katy said...

LOL that was hilarious great thanks for sharing

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That was wonderful. My favourite part was the hair-ball horking voice. Great fine!

Coaster Punchman said...

Oddly enough, he showed more composure than I would have, probably.

Bubs said...

CP, as much as I made fun of the guy for his freakout, I was truly impressed by how quickly he recovered and went on with the show. Especially since he'd probably wet himself.

Barbara, Katy and Danny, thank you!

kim said...

Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!!

-Indiana Jones-Raider's of the Lost Ark.

Johnny Yen said...

Narcozoology Pioneer Bubs-
That reminding me of that video that floated around last year of the Japanese game show where the contestants stood there with raw meat strapped to their heads, while some kind of reptile bounded around them.

Undoubtedly there was crack cocaine involved.

Melinda June said...

See, this is what I'm like with clowns. Especially when they jump me.

Anonymous said...

Even if I wasn't teased here, I'd have recognised that singular vision of my old friends. Think drama,theft ,cheesesteaks, and family. xoxoxoxo

Dale said...

I watched it 3 times but will probably go for 4 just after this comment. Thanks for the big big laughs. I'd still be screaming, crying and wetting myself.

Bubs said...

Dale, it becomes exponentially funnier on the 14th viewing. Trust me.

Anonymous, you intrigue me. I needs more clues. Please?

Melinda, so how terrifying is a clown with a bag full o' snakes?

Johnny, the only drugs involved with small market television are scotch, rogaine and viagra.

And thanks for that reminder about Japanese game shows. Those things rock.

Kim, thanks for stopping by! It could've been rats, by the way. I like to count my blessings.

Bubs said...

Anonymous, I think you might be a redhead. I'm not sure if it was the cheesesteaks or the drama that gave you away.