Friday, February 16, 2007

Random shmandom

Computers used to be so much easier. We just got a new computer, and for some reason half of the songs we had in iTunes didn't transfer over. So now, especially for some of the compilations I've gotten, I have to go back and search for each individual song and put it back in its proper directory. I hate bringing up a playlist only to have the music stop, and see that little exclamation point sitting there mocking me. I think my random ten choices are starting to mirror my increasingly fragmented and disjointed state:

Jack the Ripper—Link Wray

Green Door—The Cramps

Japanese Sandman—Martin Denny

She Blinded Me With Science—Thomas Dolby

Fed-a-Ray—Lord Beginner

Goin' To Chicago Blues—Peggy Lee

Blue Yodel No. 4—Bill Monroe

That's Showbiz—Rev. Horton Heat

Nightclubbing—Iggy Pop

I'm Not Talkin—The Yardbirds


Dale said...

Lucky for us Bubs, even at half mast, you're not half assed. That's Showbiz baby!

I had the same problem recently when I got a new pc. It was quite a chore.

Dino aka Katy said...

love the technology if you upgrade one thing you end up having to get the other stuff changed or upgraded

Kate said...

I was talking to your eldest while she was trying to recover your music. Wow that sounded like a PITA. (pain in the a**)


Bubs said...

Kate, I've tried to convince her to take on the entire task by herself but she's not buying. I took a feeble stab at it last night and then went to bed.

Katy, it does seem that more and more of our time is spent on maintenance and "upgrading." It wasn't like this when I bought my first desktop PC in 1995.

Dale, you're the best. Have you considered a career as a motivational speaker?

Chris said...

I've been checking out your site for a while. I'm adding you to my links partly because you have both Link Wray AND the Reverend on your list. Good stuff!

Bubs said...

Thanks Chris! Right back atcha!

justacoolcat said...

Thus markes the only time in history the Rev and Peggy Lee ever got together.