Monday, March 12, 2007

So long, and thanks for all the no-bid contracts

Halliburton to move headquarters to Dubai

Where do you start with this? You can start with a nice, angry overview of Halliburton here at Halliburton Watch. You can read an editorial here, a Salon piece on Halliburton in Iraq here, and a nice little piece from that left-wing rag Business Week here. If you've got some time to kill, you can Google "Halliburton Profiteering", "Halliburton wrongdoing", or "Halliburton greed".

*Note: the facility pictured above is not the new Halliburton HQ in Dubai. It's a picture of the Khalifa Resort in Kuwait ,where Halliburton subsidiary KBR set up shop in 2002 to prepare "support" for American troops about to invade Iraq. KBR ran a hotel tab of about $1.5 million per month while they subcontracted (and overcharged) billions of dollars worth of that "support."

How long, Lord?


Johnny Yen said...

And I ask, just how bad do things have to get before the average American gets that there's a problem?

justacoolcat said...

John Stewart said it best "Dubai, when Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas have a baby"

Bubs said...

LOL, no kidding. Have you seen the pictures of the massive indoor ski slope? And it's all built on near-slave labor. A perfect spot for Halliburton.