Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Random Ten: Homecoming Edition

Well, the Illinois Police Officers Memorial was a great and humbling experience. Our honor guard performed admirably, the guys all looked sharp...but Springfield still sucks. More on that later.

I got back to the office around 4pm. We only had one detective working last night and he'd just gotten stuck with two reports on some idiot who repeatedly called his baby mama at work, threatening to kill her and blow up her employer. Guy's been arrested 35 times, so someone had to go looking for him. I volunteered to go along, after having been up since 5:30am, standing in formation at parade rest and attention for several hours, and driving 3 + hours back from Springfield. I finally made it home close to 9, where I collapsed into the loving embrace of MizBubs.

Here's what came up on the party shuffle this morning:

Adrenochrome—The Sisters of Mercy

Bertha Lou—Johnnie Faire

That Certain Female—Charlie Feathers

Ruf Aus Der Gruft—Kurt Weill

Eve White, Eve Black—Siouxsie & the Banshees

Slicker Drips—White Stripes

Have a Good Life Baby—Dusty Springfield

Tico Tico—Don Swan & His Orchestra

Foxy, Foxy—Rob Zombie

Burning Down the House—Tom Jones (with the Cardigans)


Grant Miller said...

I'm on a big White Stripes kick after seeing the Raconteurs on Austin City Limits last week. And I love the Cardigans to an embarrassing degree.

Bubs said...

Have you gotten to see them live? We saw White Stripes at the Aragon during the Elephant tour and then saw the Raconteurs at the Riviera a few months ago. Jack White really lets his 1970's guitar hero fantasies run wild with the Raconteurs.

I feel embarrassed to say I had no idea who the Cardigans even were until I saw the Tom Jones video.

Dale said...

This is one of those lists that I know nearly everyone on it but few of the songs. Fighting fire with fire indeed.