Friday, May 18, 2007

On, Wisconsin!

Police in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, arrested a man who claimed to be a werewolf:

39 year old Robert Marsh, recently released from jail, now returned, was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, and criminal trespass. He also had a bag of weed on him; technically this story, then, does not fall in the category of "narcozoology", but rather an even more obscure science: narco-cryptozoology.

Police reported that Marsh spoke to them in "what sounded like a medieval sounding language." Since this occurred in Wisconsin, Marsh is fortunate that he didn't break into the apartment of a sword-wielding RenFaire freak.

And, once again, since it is Wisconsin, we should be grateful that the werewolf inside Robert Marsh's head wasn't a necrophiliac.


kim said...

I grew up working the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. Most of them men working there looked like this guy, but with those handmade leather boot-stocking things.


Mob said...

I've never had the really good weed that makes you think you're a werewolf, that must be some great shit.

Props to him for doing a near perfect 'Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk' routine and not breaking down with laughter.

justacoolcat said...

I once had a roomie lycandope attack my Doritos.

It was terrrifying.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"He has had a number of things go awry for him" - haha I love that little understatement.

jin said...

Gotta Love Wisconsin!!

*Whoa! Deja vu.*

Bubs said...

Jin, I just looked back through my archives and realized that Wisconsin has provided me with more material than Germany OR Florida. Be proud!

Barbara, I know. The story of so much depravity is contained in that one remark.

Coolcat, I had a roommate like that once. She'd stink up the living room in our apartment by constantly knocking the resin out of her bowl and leaving it on a little plate by the ashtray and never throwing it out.

Mob, I think you need the weed with a LOT of booze and a chaser of mental illness to get that effect.

Kim, yeah, they're a unique breed aren't they? Your "huzzah" was perfect.