Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday afternoon cocktails

Today's Sunday Afternoon Cocktail is the Suffering Bastard:

The Suffering Bastard (for two)

2 shots of bourbon
2 shots of gin
2 oz fresh lime juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Ginger ale or ginger beer

  • -Mix the bourbon, gin, bitters and lime juice in a cocktail shaker
  • -Pour over ice
  • -Top with ginger ale
  • -Garnish with a sprig of mint and a maraschino cherry (and a fresh orange slice if you've got one.)

For dinner tonight I kind of outdid myself in the swine-eatin' shiftless hillbilly department. The Emeril Lagasse recipe I started with was called "Pork Roulades", but here's what it really was:

Pork rolls wrapped in bacon.

Yes. Forget carbo-loading, I've made pork-loading an essential part of my marathon training. I think maybe I could get even more pork into this recipe if, instead of stuffing the roulade with ground pecans, parmesan cheese and garlic, I stuffed it with more ground pork. YEAH, AND SOME EXTRA PORK CRACKLINS' ON THE SIDE!!! WOOOOO HOOO!

Whew. Back in control now. That little green smear you see in the upper left of that picture is a grilled pattypan squash, with fresh pesto made by MizBubs.
MizBubs hacked her way into the garden with her machete to harvest a bumper crop of basil, which is now engaged in a UFC-style brawl with the mint. It is good (but not necessary) to have one bacon-free part of a meal, after all, and the squash was a tasty companion to the pork rolls.


I'm full of bright ideas this week: a BIG multiple choice "Germany or Florida", a reprise of The Future the Way it Used to Be, some good freak and weenie-waver news, and some other stuff I've gleefully lifted from other blogs. I'll probably get distracted and not do any of them. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Erik Donald France said...

Damn that sounds good! Yum-yum-yum!

lulu said...

YUM! I was out in the 'burbs and almost called you as I was reaching my limit of family togetherness.

I did send my brother and his friend Dave to the Tiki bar on Saturday night. Like me they were filled with thoughts of what could have been had it been down the street when we were 21.

Johnny Yen said...

Sounds like an outstanding weekend!

Ours was good as well-- got some unexpected good baseball news yesterday, and Kim and I scored some great furniture that will help round out the renovation, which is supposed to be finished Wednesday. I'll be posting about it later today.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mmmmmmm. I make beef rouladen, but of course that is not pork (although there is bacon in the stuffing).

One of the things I like best about your drink recipes is admiring all the great glasses you folks have.

Dino aka Katy said...

mhhh I like Kraut rouladen myself so That drink does look yummy I might even jump over my shadow of not drinking bourbon (had a whole bottle then work up with a broken collar bone - realizing I wasn't the one that put on my PJ or took of my jewelery)

Splotchy said...

Wow, that sounds like a tasty meal.

If we make it over to the Compound some time soon, I'd love to partake of those delicacies.

We have been recently having some tasty barbecued pork chops, but I'm certain they have nothing on your bacon rolls of goodness.

Dale said...

An excellent weekend here but with food that didn't feature as much bacon and far too few drinks. What's wrong with me? When are you coming out with a drinks and recipe book?

Coaster Punchman said...

Wow - you guys are gourmet. And tell me about this drink - did you like it? Sounds odd but I'd like to try it.

Bubs said...

C.P. the Suffering Bastard is one of my very favorite summer drinks. There are versions out there that call for rum instead of bourbon, but I don't trust them. I got our recipe from the book "Beachbum Berry's Grog Log" a pretty comprehensive collection of tiki and exotic drink recipes. Older versions might call for brandy instead of whiskey. The recipe supposedly originated at the Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo, Egypt after WW2.

Dale, you'll have to head south to cure your bacon and booze deficit.

Splotchy, my lovely and talented bride was just talking about that the other day. By the way: bacon is good. Pork chops are good.

Katy, OUCH. I see why you'd stay away from magic corn likker after that.

Barbara, for some reason I've always got pork around here, but not beef as much. The recipe would be easier with beef, less time to cook and all. Thanks for noticing the glasses! MizBubs got those for me at a garage sale.

Johnny, good for you! We'll lift a drink to your renovations being done.

Lulu, sorry we missed you. You've got to be spinning by now. I couldn't believe how together you were Friday night. I am so impressed by you and your adventure.

Erik, it was pretty f*cking tasty. It was.