Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Could it get any worse? Well, yes. It could.

Just a little update on the blog rating system that awarded yours truly an NC-17 yesterday:

I discovered that, while my NC-17 rating remains, the variety and frequency of offensive words cited in the rating change.

Here's the offensive word count as of 10:50 AM:

  • retard (9x)
  • sex (8x)
  • dead (4x)
  • corpse (3x)
  • ass (2x)
  • bastards (1x)
I have become more offensive by 1 retard, 1 sex, 3 corpses, 2 asses and 1 bastard. It looks like the extra corpses, asses and bastard have driven zombie, kill and crap off the chart.

Someone's degree in statistics is obviously being put to good use.


Dino aka Katy said...

mhh interesting I wonder how far back it goes for the rating

anandamide said...


if all the retards who regularly comment on your site would stop talking about sex and corpses, perhaps you wouldn't look like such an ass to the rating board.

tell those bastards to cut it out and this would be a dead issue.

yours truly,

jin said...

Mine's worse now too.

But would you believe it took out "cock" and replaced it with "sex"?!!? I think cock is way worse than sex...wait...I mean better, it's better, to me, but not to them...wait...I mean...uh ... they're both good, really, but... oh hell... who are they anyway?!

Bubs said...

Jin, please stop.

Anandamide, thanks for the suggestion! Outstanding idea!

Katy, I aim to find out. It's becoming an obsession.