Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Only 141 shopping days left until Christmas

It's never too early to start looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. In this case, that special someone would be the person in your life who is at risk for, or in fear of, sustaining a wound to his femoral artery.

Ballistic chaps are made for that person.

According to an article in the July/August edition of Tactical Response, the new ballistic chaps "not only provide the necessary added protection, but they give you added confidence as well, allowing more concentration to be given to the tasks at hand."

I couldn't have put it better.


jin said...

That is SO YOU in that picture, I just KNOW IT!

BTW- #1 item on my wishlist this year.

Splotchy said...

You know what would go well with this?

A flashlight that'll make you puke.

Tenacious S said...

Splotchy, can you imagine that in the hands of sixteen year old boys? Now that's a dangerous weapon!

Dino aka Katy said...

Oh bubs you are such a romantic

I think I need to slip that website with Jins present to Grumpy - that one look like fuuuuun

anandamide said...

this stuff would seem to come in handy for when you're sitting on the couch watching sports and the kids decide to take a flying leap onto you, inevitably landing with a foot or elbow squarely in the "femoral artery". or at least in that vicinity, if you catch my drift....

Catherinette Singleton said...

I just ordered 2. My nephew will be 3 this Christmas, he's gonna love it!

Megan said...

It doesn't look like one can really move around much in those things. You could maybe concentrate a lot on various tasks at hand, but as far as actually DOING them? Probably not so much.

Bubs said...

Megan, dressed like that about the only thing you're really good at is bursting through doors and ordering people onto the floor.

Catherinette, welcome first time commenter! Pick up your goodie bag at the door.

Anandamide, good point! Without the carbine, radio and extra magazine pouches, that's pretty much what I look like when I'm just hanging around the house.

katy, the only thing that could make that outfit any more romantic is if you wore it with a kilt.

Ten, Splotchy--that flashlight is COOL. I WANT ONE. So you know, Blackhawk makes a tactical flashlight called the Gladius that has a strobe setting. If you're doing a room entry in low light, it illuminates the area in front of you while also disorienting anyone in the dark looking in your direction. If you shine it in a drunk's face, they tend to fall over.

Jin, I'm not telling. And would you PLEASE STOP trying to get my rating pushed from NC-17 to "XXX FILTHY" with your innuendo and sex toys.

Seriously, though, I've heard mixed reviews on those rabbits.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You solved all my Christmas shopping dilemmas, thanks.

Johnny Yen said...

Lebowski obviously needs this for Christmas.

"Lebowski-- we're gonna cut off your JOHNSON!"