Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Freak of the Week

I'm going to cheat a little and use the Rev. Tommy from the last post in this here poll...I just felt that, even if he was going to be featured as a Freak Of The Week contestant, his antics were unusual enough to warrant his own post.

Here are this week's contestants:

The Reverend Tommy Tester

42 year old Kevin L. Massaro, homeless, formerly of Pennsylvania. Police in Ocean City, New Jersey, finally tracked him down after he grabbed a girl by the foot and sucked on her toes.

An unknown Nepalese man cut off his right hand at a temple and offered it to Kali, who presumably didn't need any more than she already had.

Dallas cat collector Ron Teague was arrested after leading cops on a high-speed chase. Why? He claimed he had to get a sick cat to the vet. He must have been driving a small car, because he left the other 40 + sickly cats, 11 dogs and multiple frozen and refrigerated cat carcasses at home.


Frank Sirmarco said...

I don't care if your a Nepalese guy or Vincent van Gogh, cutting off a part of your body is downright freaky!

Dino aka Katy said...

I am with frank that's just weird

Johnny Yen said...

Tommy, hands down. Although felt like I had to give a hand to the Nepalese guy...

Bubs said...

I gotta go with Tommy.

The amputees are almost off-limits, since you've got to be really disturbed past the point of typical freak behavior to start lopping off parts of yourself.

Anonymous said...

New nominee: Ex-Kingsport pastor gets 2-years in prison, 6 years probation for statutory rape of boy