Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday afternoon cocktails

Nothing fancy today. It's raining, we've been running errands all day, and frankly we're just a little worn out. School starts for our youngest this week and the endless rain and chill have really driven home the message that summer is over.

It's a good time for a bourbon and water. A basic, but comforting drink for grown-ups. Our house bourbon is Wild Turkey, but we occasionally have Maker's Mark or Booker's on hand. Tonight it's a Wild Turkey, about 2 shots in a glass full of ice, topped off with a splash of water. Repeat as necessary.


Doc said...

Sometimes it is tough to beat the simple and uncomlicated wonderfulness of bourbon.


Johnny Yen said...

No shitty bourbon in your house, eh? You'd be good next-door neighbors to have.

Bubs said...

Johnny , my days of Early Times are long since past. Only good stuff now. And you're welcome to some of it.

Doc, it's a simple, warm and beautiful beverage, isn't it?

Mob said...

I love a nice Maker's and soda every now and then, that may be the cocktail of choice when we go out of town next week, as it is the favorite drink of one of the peeps we're meeting for the wedding fiasco.

jin said...

It started raining (pissing down, like D says) here at 5PM on Sat. It's now 1.25AM Monday and it hasn't let up for a minute. The temp has dropped substantially!

Dino aka Katy said...

no rain here - and its still really warm

jewgirl said...

Where did you score those FABULOUS vinty glasses, child? Spill now. Right now.

Do you ever drink single malt scotch?

Bubs said...

J.G. MizBubs found those for me at a garage sale years ago, sadly I've used them and worn them down a bit. I enjoy a single malt when it's offered to me--I'm nothing if not gracious--but it's not my preferred drink.

Katy, I'll be missing the warm weather something fierce in a few weeks.

Jin, you guys are just far enough north to get worse weather than we do.

Mob, sounds like a good idea.