Sunday, September 23, 2007

Name that drink

Seriously. I have no idea what to call this drink, and I'd like one a you sharp readers to name it for me.

I was too lazy to make a true Suffering Bastard, so here's what I did instead:

  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Add one (or two) shots of bourbon
  • A dash (or two) of Angostura bitters
  • A splash of juice from the jar of maraschino cherries
  • Top with ginger beer from the bottle you found stuck in the back of the fridge
It was delicious.

Any suggestions?

UPDATED September 25 at 6:11 AM

This drink is now officially known as a "Lazy Bastard". Jin gave it the name that, in hindsight, seemed perfectly obvious, seconded by Katy, Johnny Yen and Beth.

Thanks for helping out everyone. Thanks to your effort, a little drink found his name. You are all to be commended!


jin said...

How about "A Lazy Bastard"?

*stifled giggle*

Dino aka Katy said...

I think Jin may have a point

BeckEye said...

A Bitter Virgin? Y'know, 'cause of the bitters and the cherries.

Grant Miller said...

I need ginger beer first.

anandamide said...

How about "Mary Cheney"?

Splotchy said...

The suggestions already made are better than the one I came up with. But my suggestion has a Gilligan's Isle connection, which I am sure everyone is envious of.

The F*ck-You Mary Ann

justacoolcat said...

How about Taking Ginger's Cherry.

Man, I'm crass.

Johnny Yen said...

Jin beat me to the punch. "The Lazy Bastard" would be appropriate.

kim said...

Gingerbon Man.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

turkey bastard?

Beth said...

I'm with Jin.

jewgirl said...

bubs, you know what my choice is. Ready? butch cunt

Bella Rossa said...

One of my comedy pals enjoys a Red Bull dropped into a shot of scotch. He's thinking of calling it a "Kilted Bull." I suggested "Kilted Bullshit," just 'cause it has more zing to it.

Bubs said...

Bella Rossa, welcome! I agree wholeheartedly, but then again I like bullshit better than bull.

JewGirl, of course I do. I'm not sure that this particular drink is either that butch or that cunty. I might use that drink name for a cocktail to be named later.

Beth, Johnny, Katy and Jin--I THINK YOU GOT IT! It's the LAZY BASTARD! Perfect!

Barbara, Kim, good ideas, but not bastardy enough.

Coolcat, Splotchy? WTF is with the Gilligan's Island references? I like that.

Anandamide. See the above WTF directed at Splotchy and Coolcat.

Grant, we all need ginger beer.

Beckeye, I like your idea. You get the official runner-up drink name.

Thanks everyone!

The drink is now officially known as a Lazy Bastard!

Doc said...

Damn! I'm too late!

Ask me what I'd call this drink and I'd have said "Fortunate".