Saturday, December 22, 2007

Enough with the scary Santas...

It's morning now, and the days will be getting longer. The long night of the Santas is over.

I just found out that there's a good collection of Santa pictures over at the Chicago Tribune web page. That's where this morning's bug-eyed Uncle Fester Santa came from.

Most of the earlier photos came from the Scared of Santa Gallery from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel web page. The Scared of Santa Gallery features, in my humble opinion, a better collection of Santas. Of course, it's a Florida paper, so they should know scary.
It's just about time to head in for work. Only two more days to go. I hope nothing else comes up between now and Christmas Eve.
My Christmas spirit took a beating this week, but fought back hard, and I think with a little cookie baking, present wrapping and bourbon-soaked eggnogg I should recover ok before the holiday.
Enjoy the weekend!


Johnny Yen said...

I'm a guy of traditions, and I most love my Christmastime traditions: decorating the tree with my kids, exhanging gifts, seeing Darlene Love on the Letterman show, watching Bill Murray's Scrooged with my son and most importantly, Bubs' Scary Santas. Merry Christmas!

lulu said...
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Dale said...

You're like a trusty Timex Bubs, you keep on ticking which is of course, mandatory.

Tanya Espanya said...

I was thinking of taking Alexander to get his picture taken with Santa, but instead I just dressed him up as Santa.

P.S. Fix my link on your blogroll, please, there's an extra http in there. :)

Bubs said...

Tanya, consider it done! Thanks for reminding me! And a baby dressed as Santa is WAY more adorable than a picture of a baby with Santa. Nice job!

Dale, thank you! I loved your Christmas tree picture, by the way.

Lulu, thanks! It was great having you over. I've been busy looking up Thai whiskey cocktails ever since.

Johnny, excellent traditions all. Merry Christmas!

Coaster Punchman said...

I love the "scared of Santa" series - look forward to it every year.

Sorry for my long absence - I will try to make a reappearance in our little world over the holidays.

Bubs said...

CP, your reappearance will be very welcome! We've all missed you.

Anonymous said...

I know Santa's left hand is just going into his own glove, but at first glance, well... eewwww.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Casa Bubs.