Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Screw it, I guess I'll stay

When I ran to MizBubs and told her that I'd received several mocking comments after baring my heart and soul to you people, she told me I had it coming, and that my plan rated a 9.7 on the hare-brained meter.

Oh well. Guess I'll just stick around here.

My favorite law enforcement event of the year started today--the annual ILEETA conference. I spent today being certified as a Management Of Aggressive Behavior instructor. Tomorrow I'll attend some workshops, and then Thursday I'll attend an armorer's class. I refrained from doing a lot of the hands-on physical training this year.

This time last year I was high on swag. This year's haul was less impressive, with far fewer flash drives, pepper sprays and laser pointers in the goody bag. I did get a leather duffel bag, a leather briefcase/laptop carrier, and a bunch of logo polo shirts, sweatshirts and a jacket. Best of all, I got a "Don't Tase Me, Bro" tee shirt. And an NRA law enforcement logo tee shirt, which I love because it can simultaneously identify me as both a gun nut and a cop if I ever wear it out in public. I saw a tee shirt with this excellent quote, and it expresses how I feel about the job I do:

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
--George Orwell
And now, a soothing swamp picture:

I took that in a bayou off the Pearl River near Slidell, Louisiana.

I still have to tell you about my new favorite dive bar, my ecstatic experiences at Graceland and Sun Studio, our favorite roadside attraction and a few more random New Orleans stories.

Thanks for stopping by.


Jewgirl said...

First, bubbsie, your emails keep getting kicked back to me. I've now tried to e-stalk you three times and each time they get returned. did you break up with yahoo and forget to inform us?!

Stunning picture, stunning!

You got leathah in ya swag bag? I'm plotzing.

Great Orwell quote.

Who mocked you?!?! I want names.

Wren said...

Wise decision, Bubs. I commend you. Ms. Bubs -- whew, eh?

Some Guy said...

Glad you're sticking around, you April-fooler, you!

Beth said...

Damn. I was planning to hit New Orleans on my summer vaca, and was going to ask to share some van floor with you.

Oh, and praise Jesus.

kirby said...

How about the silver body paint, though, you still down with that?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"I'm going to Slidell to find my joy." Lucinda Williams

Grant Miller said...

I was so close to removing you from my blogroll, too.

Bubs said...

Grant Miller, really? I kind of thought maybe you'd have gone with me. Like a buddy movie.

Dr MVM, I didn't know she did that. Although, I gotta tell you, I'm wondering what kind of joy one finds in Slidell.

Kirby...um, why do you ask?

Beth, praise the Lord indeed. You can still crash with us.

Some Guy...what do you mean? Are you saying my heartfelt outpouring was some kind of cheap stunt?

Wren, she's kept me from driving off more than a few cliffs in my life.

JG, check your email

Dino aka Katy said...

oh good I am glad to hear it - I was worried I'd have alligators sneak up on me because I missed the reports you send out

hey maybe we can meet up in July. I finally found a hotel - holidays inn in barrington. This 4 day trip is turning out to be expensive but hopefully worth it

Bubs said...

Katy, Barrington is about 15-20 minutes from here. Email me when you have details and let me know. We'd love to meet you!

Dale said...

Uleeta fascinating life Bubs. Me, not so much.