Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slap-happy Sunday

I'm still happily exhausted from last night's fundraiser for the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. We got home well after 1 in the morning, and ended up sleeping until 10:30. Ahhhh.

Amy Guth raised $4,000 in one night, and she is to be mightily commended. Watch her blog, because I'm sure she'll be posting a bit once Pilcrow ends tonight. I was thrilled that, in the end, I could use my powers for good by providing an armed escort to Ms. Guth when she deposited the proceeds at the bank. At one point one of my daughters asked if I was drunk, but then realized that it was just that my eyes had taken on that watery just-about-to-cry look that I get sometimes when people start talking about New Orleans.

What a wonderful night. I ended up bidding on, and winning, a rebuilt book from author Timothy Schaffert. He had re-worked a library copy of The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters with some doll parts and an antique key. My youngest fell in love with it. After the auction Mr. Schaffert stopped by and chatted, and my daughter told him that his rebuilt book reminded her of the movie Tideland. I think he took that for the compliment it was intended as.

Katie Schwartz... Katie Schwartz! She's now part of our family, and we look forward to her return in October. I wish I'd had more time to talk with her friend Jonuel (I think that's the spelling?) because he was engaging, witty, and a great conversationalist. Meeting Katie and her friend, and seeing the response that Amy Guth got to her inaugural Pilcrow outing, reminded me of the experience we had at Johnny Yen's birthday party last weekend. In all cases I was impressed by the ability of good people to draw other like souls to them, and the gift it is to be able to introduce people, and turn strangers into friends.

So now, how do we enjoy a day with nothing to do? (yes, I know about the pile of wood chips, pipe down, ok, I'll get to them tomorrow when I'm done commemorating our war dead.) Here's how we spend a day like that. We cook pork, putter around, and drink something tasty.

Right now we have 6 pounds of boneless pork ribs grilling over hickory smoke in back. According to MizBubs the back porch smells like a restaurant. I made fresh barbecue sauce, which I think came out pretty well, and she's made a huge bowl of Maw-Maw's slaw, an Emeril Lagasse recipe involving cabbage, kale and homemade mayonnaise. There's a pound of fresh asparagus waiting to be grilled, and ice cream from Capannari's.

And MizBubs, bless her, decided to make today's Sunday Afternoon Cocktail: Sangria!

1 bottle of rose wine
1 bottle of Pinot Grigio
1 Cameo apple
1 Valencia orange
1 pint of blackberries
1 cup of triple sec

  • Chop the apple and orange, and place in a large pitcher with the blackberries
  • Add the triple sec and let sit for a while
  • Add the wine, stir, and refrigerate for one hour
  • Serve over ice and enjoy

Bottoms up!


DCup said...

Some posts just make me drool. This is one of those posts.

Freida Bee said...

What a lovely evening and day. My daughter does cook=l three dimensional things with old novels. I really like the item that you got. Drink one of them tasty beverages for me please.

FranIAm said...

Sweet. I just wish I lived in Chicago at times like this.

Great post Bubs!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Save me some ribs and some Schwartz.

Amy Guth said...

Bubs, I can't tell you how happy I was to keep looking out in the crowd from the auction stage to see you and your daughters. What a fun night. One I won't soon forget.

We were all so teary-blinky!

Also, it was *badass* to walk to the bank late at night in a cocktail dress, four grand in my hand and with a police escort.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to sleep for an entire day.

Dino aka Katy said...

i love sangria - preferably while on the beach in Mallorca or Ibiza

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am stealing your Sangria recipe. I never considered putting triple sec in mine, that would be divine. I feel like making some right now. Enjoy your dinner! I enjoyed reading about and drooling over it.

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm dying over here! Okay, tell me about October and maybe I can come over too?

Very interesting sangria recipe.

Here's the one I slurp up from my mum:

2 bottles wine (we use Farnese Sangiovese Price: $ 7.40) (alcohol is taxed to death here so we're always on the lookout for good cheap wines)
1 cup sugar
1 banana, sliced in little circles
1 lemon, very thinly sliced, keep the peel on
a couple of shakes of cinnamon

Mix together and let sit for a bit in the fridge, give it a stir and a taste periodically

Just before drinking, add a can or two of ginger ale

Serves one. haha! Okay, maybe doesn't serve one, but at my last little get together it didn't go very far because apparently I only invited lushy alcoholics and it was gone fast! I would triple the recipe next time.

Erik Donald France said...

That's awesome!

And the victuals . . . make me starving and thirsty . . . is it brunchtime yet?

Dr. Zaius said...

That sounds great! That book looks a little creepy, though. Can I have some ice cream?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Bubs, you and Amy and all who helped raise money for the library in New Orleans did a great thing. Wow! Four grand! I'm always moved when folks from other places reach out to help the people in New Orleans. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love to y'all.

Johnny Yen said...

Miss Guth came into the restaurant immediately afterward and was in a happy, exhausted daze. Bless her, Ms. Schwartz and you for what you all did!

justacoolcat said...

I had one day last weekend where I was able to sleep in until 10:30. Ahhhhhhhh.

If only I had a smoker.

Grant Miller said...

Delicious drink she's holding.

kim said...

I want that book with the doll parts.

Bubs said...

kim, when you pry it from Hannah's cold dead fingers. She loves it.

Grant Miller, yes it was. We'll be serving up something similar on July 5th.

Coolcat, I make do with my honking gas grill and a cast iron smoker box full of hickory chips.

Johnny, Amy's amazing. If I ever want to run an event, or raise money for a cause, or put on a show in the barn, Amy is the first person I'm going to for help.

Grandmere, you're welcome. I was humbled by the people I saw at this event. The lady from NO Public Library was wonderful. Not a dry eye in the place I'll tell you.

Dr Zaius, it's actually quite sweet and whimsical. But you can still have ice cream anyway. I have black raspberry chocolate chip at the moment.

Erik, it's almost always time to eat around here.

Tanya, intriguing recipe. How does the banana work? That surprises me. I can see the ginger ale--MizBubs added a shpritz of selzer water to this later that night.

Barbara, we've got a few recipes for sangria, and this is maybe the best. Some actually call for brandy.

Katy, I'll bet that's perfect.

Amy, the pleasure was mine. Bad-ass is getting to escort the lady in the cocktail dress with the $4,000, and I got to show off my mad skills in front of my daughter. Heh. You want to know something? I felt more keyed up doing that, than escorting a model wearing $1.5 million in jewelry to a charity event.

Dr MVM, Katie is incredible. To meet her is to love her.

Fran, thanks. Visit here any time!

Frieda, you should post some pics if you get a chance. I'd love to see them!

dcup, I aim to make this a drool-worthy blog.

GETkristiLOVE said...

You guys make the best cocktails!

Eebie said...

Cheers! Wish I could have been there...eebie

Coaster Punchman said...

You are such a lucky duck for getting to meet Katie. And sangria, hmmmmm...

Jewgirl said...

I absolutely loved Timothy Schaffert's rebuilt book and I'm so pleased Youngest Daughter won that in the auction.

What a special night that was. I'm so proud of our Guthy! The broad kicks ass.

Now, onto the sangria... Nobody spins a cocktail like you and the Mrs.