Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let's get on with the holiday, shall we?

I'm ready for the 4th to get here. You may have noticed the new Independence Day-themed banner at the top of the page. I got that courtesy of photoshop wizard Dr. Zaius, and I'd like to thank him publicly for helping make things a little more festive around here. He also provided this alternate version that I may use to mix things up a little:

Nice work, huh?

Well, today marked this summer's first appearance of the deep fryer. We did fried dill pickles, and I was told by the girls that they were better than the ones from the Blue and White Restaurant in Tunica, Mississippi and from the Praline Connection! Woot! Even better than the pickles, though, was the catfish. I tried out an Emeril Lagasse recipe that involved slicing the filets into 1" strips. They cooked for about 3 minutes (after soaking in milk and creole mustard for an hour, and being dredged in flour, corn meal and Tony Chachere's seasoning) and it might have been the best fried catfish I've ever eaten. I was stunned. MizBubs found the slaw recipe she's going to use on the 5th, and it was delicious. It starts as a traditional cole slaw recipe, but has some fennel to perk it up. It was goooooood. On top of that, she made two loaves of fresh bread yesterday, and half a loaf got devoured with dinner. We ate everything before I had a chance to take pictures of it.

We are going to have some feedbag next weekend. After tonight, though, we realized that the fryer is too much work for a party--I don't want to be slaving away over a vat of hot grease when there's people to talk to and drink with.

Our eldest totally got ripped off at the zombie pinup contest at Flashback Weekend in Rosemont. She didn't even place.

Now look at this and tell me she isn't one amazing zombie pinup:

That's from one of her friend's pages. I'll try and find one that's not so blurry. She did say she met a lot of nice people and might pick up some makeup work in the near future. I wish I'd been that cool at 19.

There was no Sunday afternoon cocktail today. We have to focus.

Now it's time to get back to work.


Mnmom said...

I like the second picture best - pure fireworks, but the ultra-patriotic theme is nice too - I'm sure John McCain approves your message.

Post that cole slaw recipe - we're having a 4th party here too!!! I'm making a big chocolate layer cake, but adding slaw would be great.

Doc said...

Your zombie photo frightened me. I'm reminded I have a check up coming.


Great pics, and have fun at the party.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

My goodness, all your daughters are beautiful! Dystopia looks great as a member of the brain eating undead.

And dude, that carfish sounds insanely good. Send me some next time you make it.

Tenacious S said...

Our nephew was in town this weekend for that. I wonder if he saw your lovely zombie daughter. My own daughter will seethe with jealousy when she sees this get-up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is a zombie daughter if I ever saw one! And I should know. She was robbed.

But I have to ask, why would anybody deep fry dill pickles?

Johnny Yen said...

It was for Fourth of July? I thought it was the meth lab inside the shack blowing up...

I'm hoping to hear today from my co-worker. I'm looking forward to an evening tippling with the Bubs clan.

Splotchy said...

Fried pickles, zombies and fireworks.

I'm all misty-eyed.

justacoolcat said...

She looks just like you!

Well, minus the zombieness.

SkylersDad said...

The syringe is such a nice touch! She was ripped off.

Bubs said...

Skylersdad, thanks. I will pass that on to her!

Coolcat, minus the zombie-ness and she missed out on my protruding jug handle ears.

Splotchy, it is heartwarming, isn't it?

Johnny, ix-nay on the ethlab-may.

Barbara, fried dill pickles are truly delicious if you like fried salty snacks. I've only ever seen them served in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Ten, cool. Ask him!

Dr MVM, thank you! I'm very proud of them both. And that catfish was really good. Someday we'll get together and I'll makes you some.

Doc, as long as your nurse doesn't look like that I think you'll be ok.

MnMom, I am all about the ultra-patriotic. When it gets around this time of year I can't fly enough flags. I get so carried away with my patriotism I'm tempted to run around, all Yosemite Sam-like, firing pistols into the air.

Send me an email so I can reply, and I'll send you that slaw recipe. I think you'll like it.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Mmmmmmmm....deep fried dill pickles....almost better than sex....

DCup said...

Did someone mention pralines?

That makeup job is fabulous.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Fried pickles?


I clicked the Tony Chachere's link and if you click the "frozen food" link, they have an amazing selection, including turduchen and crawfish cornbread.

Bubs said...

WP, they are delicious. And I'm glad you visited that Tony Chachere's site--they do have a lot of cool stuff. We did the turducken last Thanksgiving, although we didn't get it from them.

D-Cup, I did not mention pralines, but they do make a great dessert after a meal like that! And the eldest says thanks for the compliment.

Vikki, they are saltier and crunchier and nearly as satisfying. And you can't stop with one.

BeckEye said...

Ok, see, one year I wanted to go as Nurse Ratchet for Halloween, and have blood all over myself, etc. I never did because I waited until the last minute to get a costume, but this dude I kind of had a crush on in college was like, "eeeew, that's gross...why would you want to dress up like that." He was obviously a fan of the standard "whore" costumes worn by most college girls...French maid, bunny, sexy nurse sans blood, etc.

Dr. Zaius said...

Wow! You have a daughter that will dress up as a zombie?!?! How cool is that! That is like every guy's dream. You are a rock star for raising a zombie daughter. I'll have another helping of fried catfish, please. ;o)

Coaster Punchman said...

Woo, that is one zombie!

I'm slobbering at the idea of your fried pickles. I've never been a fan of catfish but I could probably appreciate it over at the compound.

Bubs said...

CP, you would like this I bet. And isn't she sweet? We can't wait until she's old enough to hang out and drink with us.

Dr Zaius, yes...I am living the dream.

Beckeye, I know a ton of guys just like him. In this household we've always felt that any costume (Barney, Mr. Rogers, nurse, French maid) is vastly improved by the addition of plenty of stage blood.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Emeril just fried pickles up last night, coincidence?

Becca said...

Your daughter was robbed! That is a great costume!