Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday morning coffee

I fell asleep last night earlier than planned, passing my half-finished Old Fashioned to MizBubs as I lurched up from the couch and headed for bed. Long week.

This morning I was awakened by the sound of the girls talking, loudly, and water running in the upstairs bathroom. In my fog I thought it was around 4 or 5 am and that the girls had stayed up late watching movies. Before I barked out at them I managed to focus on the clock and saw that it was 7:50 am.

They were up early, getting ready to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire together. Once I realized that the noise was actually my two daughters, who get along famously with each other, up early and talking while they showered and got ready for their day, I couldn't bark. Instead, I had to get up and make coffee for them.

A little while later they were off down the front walk, ready to bear witness to lord only knows what kind of freakery up in Wisconsin. It was all I could do not to give them a spare handgun for the trip.

And so, if we're lucky, this is how it goes: your beautiful and competent children walking away from you, and you standing there, looking forward like crazy to their return.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I hope they took a camera so they can record that Wisconsin freakery.

Mnmom said...

And let me tell you, there is some SERIOUS freakery in Wisconsin. Those cheeseheads are disturbed.

Such a bittersweet thought - watching my children walk away into their own lives. I can barely stand it, yet it's the whole point of being a parent: working yourself out of a job. Raising them to succeed and thrive without you.

Erik Donald France said...

This is a great post -- pretty much gets the gist of family life in one clear take.

Katie Schwartz said...

You're such a papa :).

Your daughters are as tight as my sister and I are. They're also amazing dames!

Flannery Alden said...

Aw...I love this post. Thanks for the heads up, Bubs.

Freida Bee said...

My daughters are close like that and would totally drink coffee if I made it for them. I offer decaf, but they balk at me.

Johnny Yen said...

As Kim, who worked the Renaissance Faire's when she was a teenager, would remind you, don't go into the puppeteer's tent with him. His intentions are not wholesome.

As my kids are in or approaching teenagehood, I remember the same thing that you know and that my father reminded me-- that we get them for such a short, short time. Savor it.

lulu said...

I have friend who worked at the Ren Faire right out of college; it sounds like one big orgy.

You're daughters are such lovely people. You and MizB could write a book on parentinh, or give lessons.

SkylersDad said...

At least one of your daughters had the sense to carry a big thermos of Gin!

Mob said...

So was the idea to check out the Faire in an ironic goof, or do they actually aspire to being wenches or whatever nonsense those things call it when you throw someone in a corset?

GETkristiLOVE said...

Wisconsin freakery - isn't that redundant?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

With any luck at all, they brought you back a whole bunch of cheese.

Bawb said...

Obvious what y'all BOTH done. Mazel tov!

Our first-born's first is
middle named after me ("Jayden Robert").

Proves my sweet bride and I ('Sacred' and 'Profane') did something right. Even like my son-in-law :)

But when was anything worth doing ever easy?

Jess Wundrun said...

Thank you Bubs, our lame Tourism Board has been casting about for a winner slogan ever since "Escape to Wisconsin" got old and stale about 30 years ago.

But I think "Wisconsin: Get Your Freak On" could be a contender!

vikkitikkitavi said...

When I was in the 3 Rivers Shakespeare Festival I was a forced emissary to the local Ren Fair. I can't imagine going to one willingly.

Grant Miller said...

God. I need to go to a ren Faire just for the laughs. And meade.

Doc said...

Oh Bubs, you scare me. Both of mine are still small. I'm not looking forward to the day they up and leave.

And by the way, you're a helluva Dad. My Dad always me get up and make coffee for him.


Dr. Zaius said...

Oh, crap! Now I have that song, "Sunrise, Sunset" from the movie Fiddler on the Roof running through my head, and it's all your fault! ;o)

justacoolcat said...

I love the Renfest. Thankfully, we have a huge one in MN so when my daughter grows up she won't be heading across the border.

Bubs said...

Coolcat, we'll see how you feel about that RenFaire debauchery when she's older.

Dr Zaius, hahahahaha...I'm sorry. I apologize.

Doc, they make coffee for me quite a bit too. That's sort of a family-wide courtesy that we extend each other.

Grant Miller, I haven't had the meade. They did have decent beer though, which made the feats of strength much more entertaining.

Vikki, were you traumatized by the experience. Please, tell me more?

Jess, howdy! I think that's an outstanding idea!

Bawb, good to see you! Yeah, it's something isn't it?

Barbara, I got nothing and liked it.

GKL, my thought exactly.

Mob, it's a little of both for them. The eldest might get a job there doing fittings for custom fangs, and the youngest wants to work as a fortune teller/tarot card reader but she's too young.

Skylersdad, glad you noticed that. And I filled it for them!

Lulu, Johnny, I've discussed the whole depravity issue with both of them. They're prepared I think. I hope.

Freida, decaf??? I'm afraid that in this house that would cause a serious beatdown.

Flannery, you're too kind. I am entering some maudlin phase where I just walk around staring at my girls and going "huh? What happened?" in a good way.

Katie, stop you'll make their heads swell. I'll pass it along.

Erik, I think so.

MnMom, you wrote the best description in your comment:

"I can barely stand it, yet it's the whole point of being a parent: working yourself out of a job. Raising them to succeed and thrive without you." I wish I'd said that!

DrMVM, they didn't bring a camera or take pictures. Now I'm wondering what they're hiding...