Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Polly wanna double down?

Las Vegas has been in the news the past couple of days and it's driving me nuts. I'll explain why in a little bit.

My sister in law Kate clued me in to the story about Dusty the African Grey who left Michigan and ended up in Las Vegas, baby! Dusty went missing in September 2006, and turned up at Nellis AFB on April 21. Our parrot Barney never gave us an excuse to go to Las Vegas; he just screamed and bit MizBubs in the face until we had to give him away.

Uglier news from Las Vegas: the murder of a hot dog vendor in the Luxor parking garage. There were multiple law enforcement spokesmen reassuring us that THIS WAS NOT TERRORIST RELATED. NOPE. NO REASON FOR THE TOURISTS TO WORRY. This story jumped out at me because the Luxor has been the scene of some of my favorite Las Vegas adventures.

Chris Albrecht, chairman of HBO, got arrested at the MGM Grand right after a title fight. A championship boxer died in a motorcycle crash.

But here's the really important news about Las Vegas: I'm not going there this month. My friend and I were all set to head out there in a couple weeks to help run security for a big-ass convention. A couple weeks ago we found out that the client wanted to cut some fat from their security budget, and we were the fat. In one stroke I was cheated out of an 8-night trip to Las Vegas and several thousand dollars.

Dang. It would've been so cool. I would've been so cool. It would have been just like this video:


Splotchy said...

Aw, man. That sucks about your Vegas trip getting canceled. I'm sorry to hear that.

If it's any consolation, I think Las Vegas gave Robert Urich cancer.

Dino said...

that sucks I mean to loose the money is bad but to loose a trip to vegas on top of it darn

Johnny Yen said...

I loved that show! It's one of the old shows left I'm hoping comes out on DVD. Did you know that Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, Crime Story, etc.) produced that one?

It was great seeing Gregory Morris, who played Barney on Mission: Impossible.

Poor Robert Urich-- except for Spenser For Hire, he seemed to be an albatross for tv shows-- most of his shows didn't even last a season. Remember the revival of "Love Boat?" Neither do most other people.

That sucks about the job.

Joe said...

Johnny, I remember him mainly from S.W.A.T., and then a few episodes of "Soap" It's funny watching that video, nearly every casino they show except for the Flamingo and Caesars is gone now.

Katy, I know. I was actually looking forward to the challenge of working 12 hour days for that long, in that environment. That would've been my longest visit to LV, and my first solely for business.

Splotchy...I'm in trouble then.

Tenacious S said...

I'm saddened by the death of the hot dog vendor. First, because he was a hot dog vendor. Second, because somebody blew him up. The hot dog vendor? Really? That's the guy you just have to build a bomb to blow up?

Katie Schwartz said...

oy vey, you must be so blue my little non-jew :(

Joe said...

Ten, the hot dog vendor got blown up by a small bomb concealed in a travel mug that was left on top of his car. It went off when he moved it.

JG, yes, I am blue. Blue and short on money. Thank God I have a civil service job so those checks keep rolling in.