Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Horror's Girl Next Door

Listen up, dear readers--our eldest Nora is a semifinalist in the Fangoria Spooksmodel contest and she needs your help!

Nora is competing against quite a few professional models with some pretty slick photo spreads. A few of the girls (and I mean this with no disrespect whatsoever) look like budding alt-porn starlets, and they show a bit of skin. Nora, on the other hand, is the wholesome girl-next-door of horror. Proof that gore-soaked splatter movies are really good old-fashioned family fun. That's our girl. The top 13 contestants get to go to the finals in Los Angeles. And, as a maniacal stage father, I'm dying to take a trip to L.A.

So start voting. Click on this link here, and scroll down until you see Nora in her evil nurse costume. This is a Chicago based blog, so I'd be disappointed in you all if you did anything other than try and vote as many times as possible, in any way possible. The contest ends on Sunday, March 29th, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to vote.


Here's a special offer--anyone who features Nora on their blog will be the happy recipient of free alcoholic drinks the next time I see you in person. Did you hear that? Promote Nora on your blog, and let Bubs help you get your drink on for free next time you see him.

Come on. I implore you. Join the Nora O'Sullivan Fangoria army. Put her on your blog. Facebook her. MySpace her. Tweet the bejeebus out of her. Join these proud bloggers who've gotten in on the ground floor of this once-in-a-lifetime pop culture moment:

Amy Guth
Katie Schwartz
Doctor Monkey Von Monkerstein
Becca (No Smoking In the Skull Cave)
Samurai Frog (Electronic Cerebrectomy)
Lisa Golden (That's Why)
Megan (All I Need Is Everything)
Mob (Dear Bastards)
Cormac Brown
Dena (Linkadelica)
Tengrain (Mock Paper Scissors)
DGuzman (...Other Dreams)
Randal Graves
Bubbles (Bubbles' new blog)
Jin (Jintrinsique)
Leah Jones (Leah in Chicago)
Padraig (Pat's Daily Grind)
Dr. Zaius
**special thanks to Dr. Zaius for the awesome blood red background on Nora's photo!
Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks (With a Twist of Lemon)
Jesus' General
Blue Gal
Alicia Morgan (Last Left Turn Before Hooterville)
Coaster Punchman
GETkristiLOVE (Two Minutes in the Box)

Utah Savage
SkylersDad (Some days it's not worth chewing off the leather straps)
Doc (Social Zymurgy)

I'll leave you with my new favorite quote from Blue Gal: "Perky nurse is way more evil than bloody vampiress".

Vote you crazy bastards, vote.

If you'd like to see some more of this budding horror spooksmodel, check this out. Nora is featured tonight as the Horror Freak of the Week at the Chicago Horror Society.


jin said...

Why wouldn't I vote for her, she's, like, totally the BESTEST one there!
I've called upon all my twitterific friends to vote as well. Ok... that wasn't my orijinal idea... I saw Katie's tweet first.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay Nora!

Dystopia said...

Thank you all so much! <3<3<3<3

Mob said...

Hey proud Papa, I voted, then hit up Twitter about it (I have a lot of podcasters who owe me some votes for all the shit I vote on for them) and sent out a shotgun e-mail as well, so hopefully that'll help a little bit.

I'll also mention it in the blog tonight.

Best of luck to her!

Joe said...


Dr MVM, and Jin, thank you!

Megan said...

I've already voted twice today. Wait, I mean, I voted once, and my son's computer voted once...

And my Friday post is all planned and ready to go. Have to get through Theme Thursday first as it was a prior obligation.

You know I live in Los Angeles, right? You know that there are some pretty expensive places to be gettin' your drink on here, right?

Utah Savage said...

I voted, and I tagged you too. Come see me. I'm hoping I got to you first, but it's a cut throat world when it comes to memes. come see me.

Dino said...

done - will put it on my twitter too - which will automatically send it thru to my facebook as well :)

SkylersDad said...

Voting has commenced! I am planning on early and often.

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

she gets my vote!!

and check me out on Saturday-- I've got a post special for YOU in mind!!

lisahgolden said...

I've blogger her, added her to my sidebar, twittered and facebooked her.

Fingers crossed!

bubbles said...

I won't get her much publicity from my blog or my facebook... but I have people. My daughter could get her loads of votes (the one that still has computer access and facebook). I'm on it, Bubs!

Joe said...

Thanks everyone!


Randal Graves said...

Alright, dude, here you go. Now where's my whiskey? ;-)

jin said...

Put it on my popular blog!
I'm cheap, I'll be happy with your fabulously strong coffee!

Dystopia said...

Thank you all so much!!! I'm now at #4, beating out professional models and actresses!! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

I've already voted, and yes, I noticed that same thing about the contestants. Go Nora!

Moderator said...

I will get out the vote!

Megan said...

Release the hounds!! Facebook link is up.

Eebie said...

I voted for her cuz I know that you raised here a good Catholic Irish girl.

Still, I like the pix, but I'm too old for more than likin' the pix.

Get out the vote, man. 1st and 2nd are not out or reach. I'll do what I can.

Anonymous said...

Done and blogged. And twittered.

padraig said...

Done and blogged and facebooked. How can you not? She's a Tromette! My buddy Andy is the biggest Troma fan in the universe.

padraig said...

Don't vote over and over again, we don't want 'em to disqualify her:

"Note: Contestants with "suspicious" voting activity may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges."

Joe said...

padraig, thanks for the heads up on that! And thanks for boosting a Tromette!

Leah Jones, welcome! Great to see you here, and thank you!

Eebie, thanks! She just needs to land near the top.

Megan, grand! Thanks again!

Grant Miller, wonderful--I feel much better knowing that the full might of Grant Miller Media is behind this undertaking!

Kirby, thank you!

Erik Donald France said...

Cool! Looks like she's doing well and man, there are a lot of contestants!

Gifted Typist said...

Just voted. Go Nora!

Dr. Zaius said...

OK, Bubs.\, here is my entry. I hope that she wins!

Dystopia said...

That's it, I'm baking graveyard cupcakes for y'all! Thank you so much for helping me get this far!!

Power to the fans!

Utah Savage said...

I voted again, and you're still tagged. Come on Bubs, come see me. Scroll down to the meme thing. I'm beggin ya. And why isn't my name up there with the frequent voters? Humm?

Alicia Morgan said...

I have voted, and posted. She is darling and deserves to win for sure. Plus, I also am in Los Angeles and will be waiting for my free drink. Let's roll, Bubs!

lulu said...

I facebooked and emailed....she's number 3 right now!

Alice Dubiel said...

Dr. Human says we need more nurses. Hope you enjoy a trip to LA. I RT@jacksonstbooks who is credited (towards her drink card, eh?) with the contact. Dr. Human will also appreciate Mr. Bubs's taste in music as well as attire with the fez on the tiki (is that the name of a new faux tropical cocktail?).

Coaster Punchman said...

SANCTITY? For chrissakes Joe, you don't even sound like you come from Chicago!

Hey, do you rememeber "Creature Feature" from WGN? You've probably blogged about it.

Alicia Morgan said...

I always loved Dr. Paul Bearer from the Tampa area back in the 60s and 70's. Horror heaven! Not to mention my all-time favorite, Count Floyd and Monster Chiller Horror Theater.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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