Thursday, October 19, 2006

Best search phrase yet

The wonders of Sitemeter.

This is, so far, my favorite phrase that a reader has used to find a way to the compound:

"photographs of leola mcconnell as a dominatrix"

I saw this and my first thought was, who the f*ck is Leola McConnell? My second thought was, how did that possibly lead someone to the compound?

Leola McConnell is running for governor of Nevada, as a Democrat, and claims to have been William "Book of Virtues" Bennett's personal dominatrix from 1998-2003, and I totally forgot that I wrote about her back in July.


Melinda June said...

that definitely beats "butt crush giantess", which brings them to my site.

Beth said...

I gotta go back to July ...

MJ: "butt crush giantess"?

Bubs said...

Butt crush giantess!?

You're wrong, MJ, that WAY beats "photographs of leola mcconnell as a dominatrix"

Dale said...

I had a dominatrix once. I mean searched for on my blog.