Friday, October 20, 2006

It's National "Character Counts" Week

It's National Character Counts week! The POTUS made a stirring proclamation declaring it so on Friday the 13th, and promptly set himself to walking the walk, and not just talking the talk. How did the POTUS do that, you might ask?

According to this piece in the Washington Post, he did it by campaigning for the man you see pictured above, Pennsylvania congressman Don Sherwood. The POTUS said Don Sherwood "has got a record of accomplishment." His most recent accomplishment was settling a $5.5 million lawsuit filed by his 30+ years younger mistress, who alleged that the congressman tried to beat and strangle her. You can read about it here, or here, or here.

So, wrapping up "Character Counts" week:

-The Foley/page scandal is still unfolding, with congressional hearings continuing

-Republican congressman Bob Ney pleads guilty (but hasn't left office yet)

-The FBI raids associates of Republican congressman Curt Weldon (also from Pennsylvania--what's the deal with that?)

-Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen is asked to withdraw by his own party, after his campaign got caught trying to suppress the Latino vote.



Johnny Yen said...

What-- you mean there's something wrong with those things?

Bubs said...

Evidently not, if you're a Republican.

Beth said...

If the Dems don't take over in November ..............

Bubs said...

It depends on how well Diebold has fixed the voting systems.

keepin it real said...

And don't forget:
Harry Reid, Democrat, ethics violations for a land deal where he made $1 mil.

Harry Reid, Democrat, used campaign money to pay bonuses to the hired help at his luxurious Ritz condo.

Democrat representive Jeffords was caught with $95,000 in marked cash in his freezer from a bribe. Talk about cold cash.

Hillary Clinton denounces the evil Walmart, where she once served as a board of director.

Barney Franks whos roomate ran a gay escort service from their apartment.

Bubs said...

Hey Keepin it, thanks for stopping by. Once Harry Reid gets indicted he'll get equal slamming here. I've already mentioned Jeffords in the past, and the other stuff is pretty tired old talk radio material.