Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Random Ten (Happy Friday 13th!)

It's that time again. Set those mp3 players to random (or, like on our i-tunes, "party shuffle") and list the first ten tunes that appear. You can post the results over at American Idle. You can also find links at Just A Cool Cat, Splink, Bliss and Bile , My head is a box filled with nothing, Heavy Lift With Caution.

Here's my list for today:

1) Crossroads – Tom Waits

2) Deuces Wild – Link Wray

3) Close Range – New Order

4) Take On Me – a- Ha

5) Toxicity – System of a Down

6) Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan

7) Broken Bricks – White Stripes

8) Marian – Sisters of Mercy

9) We’ll Meet Again – Johnny Cash

10) Pearly Lee – Billy Riley


Kate said...



Dale said...

You should Take On Kate Bubs!

justacoolcat said...

Waits to System to Cash, now that's my kind of list.

Take on me . . . (take on me)

Bubs said...

And what's wrong, exactly, with liking some 80's synth pop? Well?? Kate "I NEVER MET A HAIR BAND I DIDN'T LIKE"?

Coolcat, thanks much.

Dale, you should see us when we play trivial pursuit over the holidays.

Dale said...

It is a great list really except for well, you know, never mind.

Melinda June said...

I like a man who's not ashamed to admit he's loaded sexy gay Scandinavians onto his mp3.

And it tells me you're honest...a less honorable man would have conveniently not heard that one and waited for the Zappa to pop up.

By the way, it's only a matter of time until that pops up on my list. There are only 5000 songs in the iPod right's bound to happen eventually.

Kate said...

I get to make fun of people who like Take On Me because it was my first cell ring.

Then it was 99 luftballoons.

Then Bizarre Love Triangle.

Now, of course, it's Tom Jones.