Thursday, October 12, 2006

I got a beef with Costco

Do I ever.

I go into Costco to buy my usual supply of fresh tube socks, popcorn chicken and frozen Chinese dumplings, and what do I see?

. In October. Two weeks before Halloween even gets here. WTF? Not even a turkey planter or light-up pilgrim. Skip Thanksgiving altogether and no acknowledgement whatsoever of Halloween, other than the usual bigass bags of candy that they carry all year long anyway.

It was profoundly disturbing, and it set off a premature bout of holiday melancholy. And now I'm mad at Costco, which sucks, because those smug bastards at Costco know I'll never go to Sam's Club.


Dale said...


This will cheer you up or drive you right over the edge Bubs. I tagged your melancholy ass. Get to work.

lulu said...

I adore Costco. I don't have a membership, but my parents do, so I go with my mom when ever I go out to the hell that is Mount Plastic. I buy school supplies which I resell to my students at a profit (which goies into paying for the copies I have to spring for) and giant bags of dumplings. God I love those dumplings.

The Christmas thing gets earlier and earlier every year. I just ignore it.

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Kate said...

The worst was when I worked at Michaels.

At least now I can ignore it this early, instead of having to interact with it every day.

Bubs said...

Michaels. The brain center of holiday hell.

Bubs said...

BTW, Lulu, how can you be so negative toward Mount Prospect? Their slogan is

"Where friendliness is a way of life"

lulu said...

welcome to my nightmare. there are a lot of us northwest suburban refugies around. CP grew up in Palatine, tenS grew up in Prospect Hts.....and we all escaped.

Why in the world do you live there?

lulu said...

wow, did that sound snotty? it wasn't meant to.

Bubs said...

Oh my God. This is wild.

I moved here because it was the closest, cheapest suburb I could afford, I had a new baby and I liked the schools. I couldn't afford a nicer home/nicer neighborhood in Chicago at the time (1990) and a couple of violent incidents in my immediate neighborhood gave me the subtle shove. I can't wait to move to the country, away from all this. And my eldest is on a Rat Patrol bike ride in Logan Square. I love it. The other night she went to a punk show at the No Exit. I'm now living vicariously through our kids.

Coaster Punchman said...

Lulu, I love this business of you reselling your Costco swag at a profit to your students.

Yes, the Christmas thing is weird. I don't even know what to say about it, but it's vaguely disturbing.

Bubs said...

I just read back and caught that, too, CP.

Lulu, you're like the Sgt Bilko of the CPS system, aren't you?

Tenacious S said...

Lulu rules the school.

lulu said...

I'm not exactly going to retire early off my pen profits. My school doesn't have a school store, although we could really use one, so I buy boxes of pens and sell them for a quarter apiece. The kids also have the option of borrowing a pen for the class period, but if they need a pen for my class, chances are that they are going to need it all day. I sideline in notebook paper and highlighters, but pens are my best seller.

I spend so much of my own money every year (see land-o-lulu entry on staplers) so I feel no guilt about overcharging them for pens.