Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reasons I love my family

Check out this picture:

I get home from work at eleven o'clock, after driving through what's turning into a pretty intense ice storm out here in the northwest suburbs. I get done salting the front and back porches, hoping it will make the morning shovel easier, I come back inside, pour my bourbon...and find this, saved as the new desktop on our computer.

And I have no idea who did this. It wasn't MizBubs, I know that--I asked her when I kissed her goodnight. So it's one of the daughters. The last desktop image we had was of the ruin of Tyrone House in County Galway, Ireland. Before that I'd put up a random image of a drunk woman dancing with a penguin. We like to mix it up. I get home late, find something that amuses me, and it becomes the desktop image for a few days. My youngest gets home from school, finds something that amuses her, and it becomes the desktop. Around it goes.

I find this very comforting.

All that's left now is to fall asleep and hope that, when I awake, Harper College and Prospect High School have both cancelled classes for the day. That's what this family needs--a rockin good snow day.


Kate said...

This is SOOOO my new icon at open diary.

Consider this yoinked and thank my wonderful neices for being so wicked cool.

Anonymous said...

You've obviously raised some wonderfully twisted children, Bubs. Cudos to you!