Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Random Ten: Snowbound Edition

Today started with having to deal with the consequences of District 214's truly sh*tty and backwards-ass decision to NOT cancel classes for today: by 7:30 the car was dug out, cleaned off and the driveway was shoveled, and I had deposited one unhappy daughter at school. MizBubs, girl dynamo, cleared off the sidewalk and helped the neighbor dig out before I got home.

Then came the good news: my dentist appointment, cancelled. Haircut, cancelled. Eldest daughter's classes, cancelled. And today was my day off, and MizBubs!! I'm drinking some more coffee to gear up for another go at the driveway and front walk, and then it's a quick trip to Costco to prepare for an afternoon of cleaning and baking.


So here is today's special snowbound edition:

What is a Santa Claus – Stan Kenton

Blue Christmas – Billy Eckstine

The Merriest – June Christy

O Tannenbaum – Vince Guaraldi Trio

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus – Lionel Hampton

The Nutcracker Suite – Les Brown & His Orchestra

Christmas Night in Harlem – Louis Armstrong

The Man With the Bag – Kay Star

Linus and Lucy – Vince Guaraldi Trio


lulu said...

The CPS stayed open today as well. And then IDOT says not to go to work unless you absolutely have to. I would have loved to have stayed home today.

Melinda June said...

Snow. That rocks.

And so does your list of holiday cheer.

Dale said...

I was going to be mean about your list because I'm a little Grinchy but then I saw Dino's version of Baby It's Cold Outside, Kay Starr's Man with the Bag and a couple of entries by Vince Guaraldi Trio...Excellent work!! It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

Bubs said...

Why, thank you Dale!

Here are the collections I've been mixing this Christmas:

Charlie Brown Christmas-- Vince Guaraldi
Christmas Island -- Leon Redbone
Christmas Collection -- Louis Armstrong
A Swingin' Christmas -- Various
Yule b' Swingin' Too -- Various
Christmas Blues & Shout -- Various
Hi-Fidelity Holiday -- Various
Christmas Cocktails -- Various
Christmas Cocktails Vol II--Various

I find that the songs on these collections keep me in a frisky holiday mood.

I also have a favorite cassette, Hillbilly Holiday (out of print from Rhino Records) that I can only listen to sparingly because songs like Po Folks' Christmas or Bill Monroe's Christmas Times a Comin' make me weep like a baby.

Dale said...

They all sound like great choices Bubs. The thing that would get me closest to tears would be the drone of Muzak and/or inferior pap forced upon us at the holidays. I mean, why isn't Natalie Merchant's Children Go Where I Send Thee a modern classic? Just wait until I'm in charge!