Saturday, December 02, 2006

Movie of the Week

Roll out the orange shag carpet, throw up the wood-grain panelling, melt some cheese cubes in your avocado green fondue pot and enjoy the entertainment masterpiece that was ABC's Movie of the Week.

Here's some cool trivia, according to TV Party:

In 1971-72, 18 of the 23 top-rated films broadcast on television were ABC MOTWs, thanks in no small part to the fast-paced, 30-second promotional teasers that forever redefined motion picture advertising.

Jump The Shark has a nice page dedicated to the ABC MOTW. For what it's worth, 28 votes to 1 say that MOTW never jumped the shark. One voter says it did -- with Killdozer.

I just remembered one more MOTW favorite of mine: James Brolin in Trapped. That's the one where the guy gets knocked out by juvenile delinquents and wakes up in a department store after closing time, only to find himself...TRAPPED! By 6 doberman pinschers.

Speaking of 30-second promotional spots, check this out: the original promo for The Night Stalker.

Oh, yeah. There's also an over-the-top promo featuring Connie Stevens as...The Sex Symbol.


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Anonymous said...

I remember the James Brolin/Doberman movie.

Another one of my favorite made-for-tv action movies was "Savages," an adaptation of Robb White's classic book "Deathwatch." Andy Griffith played the psycho hunter, and one of the Bottoms brothers (Timothy?) played the young guide he was hunting.

Were the Bottoms brothers the Baldwin brothers of the '70s?