Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lucky Brooklynites

They get to see Lou Reed perform Berlin as a stage show.

According to this story in the NY Times, the production features sets designed by Julian Schnabel (who's also filming the event), and a children's choir.

I can't imagine having much more fun than knocking back a few stiff drinks and seeing a live performance of The Kids:

They're taking her children away
because they said she was not a good mother
They're taking her children away
because of the things she did in the streets
In the alleys and bars, no she couldn't be beat
that miserable rotten slut couldn't turn, anyone away

Happy holidays!!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite memories with my friend Mark was seeing Lou on the New York tour in 1990, at the Arie Crown Theater. When we were cleaning out his house, I grabbed Mark's copy of New York, which I'd been meaning to buy anyway.

When he and I moved in to our place in Wrigleyville in 1988, we opened the window and cranked the Velvet Underground's "Heroin" just to make sure the neighbors knew what they were in for.

Bubs said...

I thought New York was a perfect record of its time. BTW, about Heroin, have you seen the SUV commercial where the opening chords are used as soundtrack?