Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Armed America

I feel left out. We missed the road tour, and our family portrait won't appear in the upcoming book.

Here's a quote from Anthony, pictured at right:

"I own a gun because I'm a f*ckin' American and a Marine. It's my God-given right."

Amen, brother.

On a side note, I had no idea that so many tattooed hipsters owned guns.


Dino aka Katy said...

oh well. I am against guns since they tend to cause to much damgage due to the stupidity of the people around them. I do respect whoever the fact that people can choose to have one. I wish that they'd have to go through training and be required to lock them up so kids can't shoot each other wiht it.

Bubs said...

Good points Katy. It amazes my Irish friends the extent to which America is a gun culture. Depending on whose estimate you look at, there are between 195-215 million privately-owned guns in the US. I think the number of gun owners is around 60 million (I could be wrong on that)

There are a number of laws in various states that require that guns be secured, especially from kids, and adults who fail to do so can be charged criminally.

In my experience, if people who violate gun laws actually got locked up and stayed locked up more often, gun crime would go down greatly.

Echo said...

Um... Bubs, that's tattooed *anonymous indie* hipsters... He just looks like a fan of Franz Ferdinand, doesn't he??

Bubs said...

Good lord you're right.

wonderturtle said...

If you own a gun you sort of have to swear, huh?